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I am searching for information about Lawerence Roach who was born about 1783.  Where was he from?

Lawerence/Larry married Catherine/Kitty Cuff(e) at some unknown year.  They had three children, John (B 1827, Cabragh), Michael (B1830), Martin (B 1834).  John in turn married Briget Mullany in 1856.  Briget (B 1832 Cougabay) was the daughter of Thomas Mullany (B ca 1804 Quigabar) and Anne Caffrey (B ca 1809).  (Briget was the oldest of their nine children.)  This Mulllany line could go back further. 

John Roach/Roche and Briget Mullany had 10 children, six of whom emigrated to the US (underlined names): Catherine, Thomas, Anne, Briget, Michael, Patrick, Martin, Mary, John, Winefred.  They did not name any of their  sons Lawerence. [Maybe Lawerence is not John's father.  Maybe Lawerence went by another first name.]  All of the (many) records of the Roaches, the Mullanys, the Caffry/Caffreys, the Cuffs are found in the Kilglass parish registers and online at the NLI; thank you to all those volunteers who made these available.

When I look at the children of Lawerence, I do not see a naming pattern followed. There are not so many men in the family with that first name. I understand that earlier records may not be possible, but I would like to know if it is possible to search elsewhere for information about Lawerence. Where would that be?? 

  • Lawerence, and Catherine 
  • John and Briget 
  • Thomas and Margaret 
  • Thomas and Victoria  
    • now, my father Thomas was baptized Richard, the second son, named after his mother's father; however, his father died when he was six months old and his name, Richard ,was changed to Thomas; it's on official birth records.  
  •  and me.  That's how I came to be.

Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts.


Monday 17th June 2019, 11:13AM

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  • Miriam, thank you.  OK, it's a brick wall I guess. Somehow I thought naming patterns were almost a requirement and what you say helps.  On the plus side, I have a lot of information and thanks to the NLI, I have the records for a lot of ancestors.  I'll keep an eye  on my DNA matches and see what happens. Actually, my brother's DNA seems to help more.



    Friday 28th June 2019, 12:28PM
  • Hello, 

    I am looking for any information about Winifred Mullany who married John or Tom Sheridan.

    They had at least 2 sons:

    - Patrick Sheridan of Balalair, bap 29.4.1833 at Kilglass, who married Eleanor Rouse 1.6.1854 at Castleconnor. Their daughter Kate/Catherine Sheridan married Michael Fuery, a National School Teacher 22.5.1880 at the RC Chapel, Kilglass

    - Michael Sheridan of Balalaia, bap 15.6.1836 at Kilglass, who married Anna Howley

    I fanyone has any infromation about the Sheridan and Fuery families, as well as the Mullanys, I would be pleased to hear from you. Thankyou


    Thursday 30th April 2020, 02:07PM