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Hi all.

I am wondering if anyone can tell me anything about Robert Hobbs, born in Terryglass in 1784. I believe he was married to Mary Ballard and that they and their children migrated to Canada. I think this included Robert Jr, Margaret, James, Elizabeth, Jane, and Edward. I would like to hear from anyone who can confirm or add to this information. I appreciate any news you can give. I would be very happy to learn of any cousins I have in Terryglass or thereabouts.

Best regards to you all,

Patrick Hobbs

Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 08:27PM

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  • Hi, 

    Are you related to Elizabeth Bollard and Margaret Bollard?
    If you go to search......choose Tipperary and enter Ballard in the name search .
    Then put in Luke Hogan in the name search.
    These families went to Canada, have a read through them and you will see lots of information. 
    Robert Hobbs lived in the townland of Caroonaclough, Terryglass in 1825.
    There is also a John Hobbs.
    Then, we may be able to get more information for you.



    Thursday 4th June 2020, 10:09AM
  • Hi,  Your Hobbs may take a bit longer to sort out.
    It's easier to work backwards when compiing information.
    I will come back with any information.



    Thursday 4th June 2020, 11:55AM

    Civil Registration was introduced in Ireland in 1864.
    Working from BDM this is what I found.
    James Hobbs in the Griffiths Valuation 1847 to 1864 must be the son of John Hobbs who was in Terryglass at the same time as Robert.
    Henry Hobbs married Mary Jane Hodgins  They lived in Batlinglass Kilbarron.
    Eliza Leilia b 1858c   married 1881 Henry Hodgins   (no fathers name for Henry)
    Pricilla   b 1859c     married 1883  James Hodgins fathers name Thomas
    Sarah Louisa b 1860c    married  1895 John Joseph Morteshed (father James)  
    Georgeina  b 1864  married 1898 Joseph Hosford  (father Samuel)
    Mary Jane b  1866   married Thomas Henry Hill  (no fathers name)
    John  b 1868  only find his brth
    Angelina   b 1870  only find her birth
    Charlotte  b 1872    never married  died in 1965.

    John Hobbs        married    Elizabeth Guilfoyle   They lived in Rathmore.
    James Joseph   b 1866   married Maria Alexander  (father Samuel)
    Francis     b  1867     sadly died 1868
    Elizabeth must hade died then as the next children were all born to another Mother    Elleanor Powell.

    William Henry  b 1872  only find his birth.
    John  b 1874         only find his birth
    Charlotte   b 1875   never married died 1951
    Christopher  b 1877   sadly died 1877
    George  b 1880     married 1918   Kathleen McBride  in Dublin  (father David)
    Ellen  b 1882  only find her birth
    Robert   b 1883   only find his birth
    Lizzie  b 1884  only find her birth
    Joseph  b 1887 only find his birth

    If you would like to go to this site below, using the names and years you will get the documents with other information.

    Then use this site, to get more details.............then back to the above site for Births up to 1919 (at this date) Deaths what ever is there and Marriages up to 1944 last time I looked.

    After that use this one, births up to 1958 ( I am listed)
    You will be busy I guess, then come back with any questions.
    Cheers for now


    Thursday 4th June 2020, 03:00PM
  • Dear Margot,

    Thank you very much for the information and your replies. Unfortunately, the teachers here have gone back to school, so I have much less free time. As soon as I do, I will look into all the things you have been able to share. I am very grateful. I think the Canadian reputation of being nice must come in part from our strong Irish heritage. I look forward to learning more and eventually visiting Terryglass.

    Best regards,

    Patrick Hobbs

    Thursday 11th June 2020, 04:55PM
  • Hi Patrick,
    Looking forward to your update, sometiime!
    Take care




    Friday 12th June 2020, 09:41AM
  • Hi Patrick and Margot

    My mother was Patricia Hobbs and my great great great Grandfather was Robert Lewis Hobbs. Thank you for all this information. Good to see all working on the family.

    Would appreciate any info that you might have beyond this?


    Ron McCoy

    Ron McCoy

    Sunday 14th March 2021, 09:56PM
  • Hi Patrick and Margot

    I also am looking for information on Jane Hobbs the daughter of Robert Lewis Hobbs of Terryglass and sister of Robert Hobbs. She moved to NSW with her husband. My old family records show her married to a Faulkner but family in NSW have her married to a Hodgins. From the look of the other family members it appears that many of them did marry Hodgins? Do you have information on Jane?


    Ron McCoy

    Ron McCoy

    Monday 15th March 2021, 01:37AM
  • Hi Ron,
    you say............
    I also am looking for information on Jane Hobbs the daughter of Robert Lewis Hobbs of Terryglass and sister of Robert Hobbs. She moved to NSW with her husband.
    A Margaret Hobbs married to a John Fakener went to Australia in 1842.  on the ship "Woodbridge"
    His parents were Nathaniel and Penelope.
    Her parents were John and Bridget Hobbs. 
    The file is a Jane Hobbs father John to a Andrew Hodgins. The Chruch was in Terryglass.
    I can't make out the place where he is from, sorry, or his fathers name.



    Monday 15th March 2021, 10:33AM

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