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Robert McCracken

Looking for death of Robert McCracken DOD 24/04/1959.  He died at the Belfast City Hospital, 52 Lisburn Road. Last known address was 6 Ardmore Ave, Finaghy.

He married Annie Stewart at St John's Church, Moira on 23/09/1904.

Don't know his DOB or parents. I am told his farther was also Robert.

Thank you in advance for any help given.


Monday 21st December 2020, 12:45AM

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  • You say you are looking for Robert McCracken’s death but then give the details. Did you mean something else? Robert’s death certificate is on the GRONI website and you can view it for £2.50.

    Here’s a link to Robert’s marriage certificate. It confirms his father was Robert, a labourer:

    He was living at Ballymagaraghan in 1904. This looks to be him in the 1901 census, though the age doesn’t quite match that on his death certificate. However the location does:

    Either of these might be Robert’s birth in 1879:

    This looks to be Robert in the 1911 census:

    Later children in the GRONI indexes are:

    Waring McCracken 27.5.1911at Carnalbanagh East

    Benjamin 5.3.1913

    Jane 31.7.1919

    Annie 9.9.1920

    There may have been more children after that but the records post 1920 are not on-line.




    Monday 21st December 2020, 08:14AM
  • Thank you Elwyn for your reply.

    I have found the death of Robert McCracken 24 April 1959. This person is my GGrandfather.

    His Son, also Robert Mccracken DOB 7 March 1908, my grandfather. The 1911 census is correct.

    I have all the information on them, Births, Marriages and Deaths.

    My brick was after that is finding and proving the parents of GGrandfather Robert McCracken. I have looked at the researched the possible parents Robert McCracken & Eliza Anderson. Whe I follow them through the census of 1911 don't match up.

    The other Robert McCracken & Margaret McCormick I can't find any marriage for them.  Can you help please.

    I am stuck until I can find his parents.

    Many thanks, Sam


    Wednesday 23rd December 2020, 02:18AM
  • Sam,

    I can’t find a marriage in Ireland for Robert McCracken & Margaret McCormick.

    I think establishing your Robert’s ancestors with certainty may prove quite hard.


    Wednesday 23rd December 2020, 10:31PM
  • Hello Elwyn,

    I have had some success with my GGfather.

    I have obtained his army records for his enlistment on 28 December 1899 in Lurgan, for the conflict period of the Boxer Rebellion.  It gives his age as 17 years 10 months, Birth Parish Magheralin, City Lurgan, County Armagh. Name was spelt Robert Mccrackon. Father's name Robert and Mother Margarett (no maiden name).

    He also has a army record for1908, name Robert McCracken, with all the correct information. It looks like he was re-engaged.

    I have the 1901 Census where he was residing. House Number:28Residence Place:Ballymagarahan, Moira, Down, IrelandRelation to Head:ServantOccupation:Farm ServantReligion:Church of EnglandLiteracy:Cannot read

    But.... I have searched for his birth record with no luck.  Was hoping you may be able to find something.



    Tuesday 29th December 2020, 11:11PM
  • Ages on military papers sometimes need to be taken with a pinch of salt as people didn’t always know their exact age plus in some cases they moved it up or down to ensure they were eligible to join up.

    A birth in Magheralin would be registered in Lurgan. I searched for all McCracken births there 1879 – 1884. There were only 6, and only 2 males. Only one had a mother named Margaret (McCormick). It’s one of the two I suggested previously:

    The place of birth is Gregorlough which is in Magheralin though father Robert normally lived in Listullycurran. (Possibly the mother gave birth in her parents home). The child was illegitimate though the father did attend the birth registration and confirm paternity. I say that because his name appears on the certificate. If he hadn't, the father's name box would be left blank. However the birth being illegitimate explains why you couldn't find a marriage. They never married. If you look carefully at the birth certificate, you may notice that the word “formerly” has been deleted below the mother’s name. If the parents were married it would say “Margaret McCracken formerly McCormick”. Here it just says Margaret McCormick and the Registrar has deleted the word formerly.  That’s standard practice with an illegitimate birth.

    Robert senior later married Margaret McCreedy in 1889. Here’s the family in the 1901 census:



    Wednesday 30th December 2020, 12:06PM
  • That you so much Elwyn.  This is fantasic news, much of a surprise for my Mum.

    I have traced Robert's father's new family, which is interesting.

    Is there a chance you may be able to find anything on Robert's mother, Mary McCormick and her family?

    Thanks again,



    Monday 4th January 2021, 08:21PM

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