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Hello! My 8th great grandfather was Edward Robinson. He came to Pennsylvania/Delaware sometime around 1684 with his father Robert Robinson. It turns out that Robert Robinson was a Quaker from Northern Ireland who came to America with William Penn and other Quakers from England in the 1680s. Robert had other relatives who were also Quakers from Northern Ireland who came to White Clay Creek, Delaware named George Robinson and Richard Robinson. I was wondering if you might be able to help me find these ancestors in Irish Quaker records. I would really like to know where exactly in Northern Ireland the Robinson family came from. I have uploaded several documents as photos to my gallery on regarding Edward Robinson (1676-1761) and his extended family. I greatly appreciate your help! Best Regards, Dawn Harvey

Dawn Harvey

Thursday 11th Aug 2022, 11:56PM

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  • Dawn,

    I searched the Irish Quaker records on findmypast. There are plenty of Edward Robinsons but none born around the mid 1600s with father Robert.

    Irish Quakers really only got established in Ireland in the 1650s and 1660s and there aren’t many records that go back that far. I have used the records for the Ulster Meeting Houses  in the past (there’s a copy in PRONI in Belfast) and my recollection is that the earliest date to the late 1600s.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 12th Aug 2022, 06:20AM
  • Hello,

    I found the following about some Quaker Robinsons...George came from Ireland but Robert and sons came from Cumbria in England:


    George Robinson came in 1687 from Ballyhagen, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, North[ern] Ireland; settled in Newcastle County southeast of the Brandywine near Shallpot Creek near the present town of Claymont, Delaware.


    Robert Robinson of Newby Stones (Newby) in Westmorland near Penrith, obtained a warrant from William Penn in 1682 for 300 acres of land in Chester County on Crum Creek, Providence Township. In 1683 he obtained another 250 acres by deed from William Penn, on Ridley Creek in Middletown Township. It may be that he never immigrated, the subsequent land transactions for the family being for sons. In 1684, Robert Robinson obtained 200 acres on Duck Creek in Kent County for his son Edward. In 1685, Robert Robinson and his brother Richard obtained land on the north side of Christina Creek in Newcastle County. Robert Robinson’s Chester County lots are both shown on Thomas Holmes’ original land map of Pennsylvania. The Ridley Creek lot went to John Robinson, son of Robert, then to Sarah Fallowfield. The Fallowfields were from the village of Great Strickland, a village in Westmoreland (now Cumbria) in the same neighborhood as Newby.




    I hope this is helpful.





    Friday 12th Aug 2022, 04:16PM
  • There was a Quaker Meeting House near Ballyhagan, known sometimes as Richhill and Grange. Their records contain the following:

    Birth registers, 1812-1919, with an index, 1878-1919; marriages, 1816-1913; burials, 1812-1920; men’s minutes, 1793-1960; women’s minutes, 1866-87; minutes of monthly meetings of ministry and oversight, 1914-52.

    So sadly nothing for the 1600s.

    Ballyhagan is a few miles north of Richhill, Co. Armagh, on the modern Ballyhagan Rd. In the 1901 census there were 9 houses there and a population of 37. None were Quakers.

    There were 23 Quakers living in the general area in 1901 but none named Robinson.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 12th Aug 2022, 07:10PM
  • The Ifield Quaker meeting house, near Crawley was built as the bequest of a Robert Robinson.

    He was associated with William Penn (who lived at Warminghurst before going to America), ...It was here at Warminghurst between 1680 and 1682 that William Penn worked on the Constitution for Pennsylvania, which was to become, in many respects, the basis for the American Declaration of Independence, and Constitution, a century later.

    The Meeting House is a Friends Meeting Placeplace of worship) in the Ifield neighbourhood of Crawley Built in 1676 and used continuously since then by the Quaker community for worship, it is one of the oldest purpose-built Friends meeting houses in the world.

    The timber-frame stone-clad Meeting House was built in 1676, partly from recycled materials, as an extension to Robert Robinson’s cottage (c.1450), and it has remained largely unchanged. 

    If this the Robert Robinson you are investigating then more information maybe available from the website: or directing contacting: Address:
    5 Langley Lane, Ifield, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 0NB or Contacts: Roger Baker, acting Clerk - 01293 533658

    Friday 23rd Sep 2022, 10:50PM
  • Thank you so much for this information, Elwyn and Patricia! I will contact the Surrey and Sussex Quakers for more information about Robert. Have a wonderful weekend!


    Dawn Harvey

    Saturday 24th Sep 2022, 12:20PM

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