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I am researching my Irish ancestors in County Limerick. John Robinson married Johanna Curtain in St Michaels, Limerick in 1836. He was a Protestant and in the Constabulary and most likely born in Killucan, Westmeath.

Johanna was a Catholic and probably came originally from County Cork. They had two children in Limerick, John Charles (1837) and George Alexander (1839) before moving to Croom where Mary Jane was baptised (1841). They then lived in Doon and further children William, (1844), Caroline (1846) David Nelson (1848) and Henry (1851) were born. The children were baptised in the Church of Ireland though at least two were also baptised as Catholics. (Roots Ireland, Ancestry etc)

John became ill and was pensioned out of the Police in 1853 before dying the following year.

The family continued to live in Doon. John Charles worked in the Post Office at Pallasgreen before training and working as a teacher. He emigrated to Pittsburgh in 1864 where he had a successful career as an accountant. George Alexander (my great grandfather) joined the British Army in 1859 and moved to England.

In 1865 Johanna and the other five children went to New Zealand where she had relations and apart from David Nelson who a few years later moved to Boston, USA, the family remained in New Zealand

I have spent some time tracing the Robinson descendants around the world and have even visited Johanna’s grave in Auckland but frustratingly I know comparatively little about their 20+ years in Doon.

If anyone has any suggestions of where I can look (school registers, lists of teachers etc) to find clues as to their life there I would be pleased to hear them. The family don’t appear on the Griffiths Valuation lists.

I would be grateful for any ideas.


Martin Robinson



Martin Robinson

Thursday 4th March 2021, 11:18AM

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  • Hi Martin, 

    There is an email address for Doon school - - The principal there may be able to assist and advise you as to wherther they attended  a R.C. school a COI.



    Thursday 4th March 2021, 06:51PM
  • Thanks very much for that. A new lead for me to follow up!.





    Martin Robinson

    Thursday 4th March 2021, 08:28PM
  • Hi Martin,

    The death of John Robinson is recorded in the Ffolliett collection as having died on November 7th 1854 and being buried on November 8th. He is described as "Constabulary Pensioner". Location - Doon in the Diocese of Cashel, Co. Limerick. Irish parish burials - Folder 1804 - 1873.

    Limerick Chronicle newspaper dated November 29th 1854 records the Michaelmas results which includes a number of students named "Robinson" - Samuel, John W., John.  Villiers school in Limerick catered for Church of Ireland students from 1821. You could check  to ascertain if any of your relatives attended there.

    There were quite a number of families named "Robinson" in Limerick city & County in the 1800's.

    In relation to religious upbringing, it was the practice in some cases where the couple were of different religions, that the sons were raised in the religious persuasion of the father and the daughters in that of the mother.

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    Saturday 6th March 2021, 10:30AM
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the information you have found and for the possible school lead.

    As to the religions of the chilkdren the stories passed down in my family do confirm that the sons were brought up as Protestants like John and the daughters Catholics as Johanna. After John died two of the sons did convert to become Catholics.

    Thanks again for your help and suggestions which are very much appreciated




    Martin Robinson

    Sunday 7th March 2021, 10:45AM