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I'm looking for entries in the Rockhill parish records for:

A marriage between Cornelius Hartigan of Garrane and Margaret (surname unknown). Marriage year n/k but before 1842.

Birth records of Luke Cornelius Hartigan abt 1842 (parents above).

Birth records of Daniel Hartigan abt 1843 (parents above)

Mary Hartigan abt 1840s (parents above). 

I had to research where Garrane was using an old map - it's very close to Rockhill church. Cannot see it on modern map. 

Many thanks

Patti Hartigan


Wednesday 25th Sep 2019, 04:18PM

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  • Hello again Patti!

    Below may be your marriage record from the subscription site Roots Ireland. I looked on Google Maps and Garrane shows up as being 4 kilometers southwest of Bruree and is located near the N20 national road.

    Roger McDonnell

    Date of Marriage:17-Feb-1833
    Parish / District:ROCKHILL & BRUREE
    County:Co. Limerick
    Husband  CorneliusHartigan
    Wife MargaretLyons
    Denomination:Roman Catholic

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 25th Sep 2019, 04:46PM
  • Thank you both!

    I had an idea from other clues that it was a Margaret Lyons. And now I have a Bridget too. I didn't expect that.
    I've tried for years to trace Luke C Hartigan. His father is clearly shown as Cornelius Hartigan of Garrane on his 1876 wedding registration. And his given age in 1876 suggests a birth year of 1842. I shall keep looking.

    Many thanks again
    Patti Hartigan


    Wednesday 25th Sep 2019, 08:19PM
  • Hi Miriam

    Luke C Hartigan md Catherine Coll in 1876 Dromin. Unfortunately, I can't trace a birth or baptismal record for either. Est DOB years are 1842 for Luke & 1845 for Catherine.

    Luke' family were living in the Rockhill/Bruree parish. Catherine lived in the Dromin parish.

    Many thanks
    Patti Hartigan


    Sunday 29th Sep 2019, 09:23PM
  • Luke Hartigan lived in Fort, Colmanswell and had a very large farm (in fact three Hartigans held approx 1000 acres in three farms in 1830). Two of their houses still exist but the other has been taken down.I am not sure what eventually happened to the Hartigan families but there are none left in Colmanswell. I would be easy to find out about thoes Hartigans if somebody reall wanted to know.

    George Quain

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th Oct 2019, 02:56PM
  • Coll from Dromin.

    They lived in Maidstown Caste in Dromin.


    George Quain.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th Oct 2019, 02:59PM
  • Sponsor at Eugene's baptism, 7th January 1832 was Catherine Lynch not Catherine Coll. I read the father's surname as Cole. 

    Maggie May

    Saturday 5th Oct 2019, 04:19AM
  • Hartigan of Fort, Colmanswell.

    The parish area here needs to be explained, in the early 1800's the Parish of Rockhill/Bruree encompesed Colmanswell and Broghill. In approx 1840 Colmanswell became a parish of it own for about thirty odd years and eventually Colmanswell was amalgated with the Parish of Ballyagran taking in the areas of Creggane, Colmanswell and Castletown making it the largest parish in area in Co. Limerick stretching from the Hill of Ballinatona in Creggane to the Hill of Peake.The records for certain times are held in Rockhill and Ballyagran.


    George Quain.

    Quain, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 6th Oct 2019, 05:35AM
  • Nancy Kathleen

    Saturday 31st Jul 2021, 07:45PM
  • My apologies, I can't seem to figure out this system.

    I believe my great-grandfather came from Rockhill and I would like to find his baptismal record, if possible.  His name was John Cussen and was born December, 1861.

    Many Thanks,

    Nancy Lothringer

    Nancy Kathleen

    Saturday 31st Jul 2021, 07:47PM
  • Hi Nancy 

    You can access the parish records online through the National Library of Ireland:

    You can filter to the year and month, if known. Controls also allow magnification and contrast, important as some pages are difficult to read - you'll be looking at a photo image of the original page, handwritten and in Latin. As your GGF was born in Dec it may be prudent to also check Jan 1862 for his baptism. 

    The easier option is RootsIreland, a subscription service, which has transcribed the entries from the parish records and, in some cases, more records are available than through the NLI website. But as 1861 is covered by NLI you should find the record there. 

    Hope that helps,



    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 01:49AM
  • Nancy:

    Not sure why Patti's comment posted nine times. Systems glitch?

    In any event, I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and there were a number of John Cussen baptismal records around 1861 in Co. Limerick but none in Rockhill/Bruree. Do you have the parents names and I will check if he was baptized in another parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 05:08PM

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