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I've broken through my brick wall concerning the Rogans in County Sligo.

I've found they lived in the Parishes of Easkey, Kilglass and Castleconnor just southwest of the city of Sligo.

My 3RD Great Grandmother Ann Rogan Carolan (1799-1851) left Sligo in 1842 with her family of five children. She came to Ontario, Canada. Her husband had died previous to her immigration.

I knew Ann's children were born in EASKEY, SLIGO from a death record in Canada. One of her sons died in Ontario in 1878. This is why I looked for Ann in the Parish of Easkey.

I have been able to find several brothers, and a sister. One DNA Match confirmed her brother Thomas Rogan who lived in the Parish of Castleconnor. He died in Ireland.

Thomas' grandson Harry Rogan headed to Boston.

One sister Mary Rogan McHale (1815) and her husband headed to Scranton, Pennsylvania. I have a DNA Match to one of Mary's descendants.

Someone also sent me a book From Scranton To Sligo. A huge number of people went from KILGLASS PARISH to Pennsylvania. A free download is available online.

It seems another brother went to Illinois, and another to the Finger Lakes area of New York State.

I was also able to find death records for Ann Rogan's parents on rootsIreland. Her father Patt Rogan died in 1839, and her mother Ann Rogan Sr. in 1845.

Ann's mother Ann Rogan Sr. died in 1845 in ENNISCRONE in KILGLASS PARISH. The assumption is she went there to live with one of her children. This was either Thomas Rogan, or Michael Rogan Sr.

This was found in Griffiths Valuation 1858. Another brother of Ann's also lived there in the same Townland.

Once I realized the Rogan family was spread out between the Parishes of Easkey, Kilglass and Castleconnor things started to gradually fall into place.

It is a combination of oral history, research done the old way in searching records, and using databases such as rootsireland that has made all the difference.

DNA Matches confirm one's research or point you in the right direction.

I'm wondering why my Ann Rogan came to Ontario, Canada.

Did people immigrating from Sligo have much choice as to whether they went to Canada, or the U S?

Ann may have had a brother in Canada. It is really looking like that.

She may have had a brother John Rogan (1802) who lived in Markham, Ontario according to the 1851 Canada West
(Ontario) Census. This is near where Ann settled near Pickering, Ontario.

Dont ignore the records in your own country because they may have the information you want.

A DNA Match in New South Wales in Australia is now pointing me to research another possible sibling.

I have never found a record for Ann Rogan Carolan in Ireland but I have researched around her to find out her story.

I now know it is possible to break through these brick walls.

I also found the Rogan name was sometimes spelled Ragan, or Reagan.

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Diane Gilhula

Monday 4th January 2021, 04:15AM

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  • People did have a choice where they went but Canada was often cheaper to get to than the US, and even if bound for the US folk sometimes went via Canada to save money. The main reason for this apparent anomaly was that during the early 1800s the US authorities introduced restrictions on the numbers of passengers that could be carried to prevent over-crowding. This had the consequence of increasing fares to the US,  but until Canada introduced similar requirements many years later it remained significantly cheaper to get to.

    Migrants often settled where other folk from their neighbourhood had gone. So once there was an established community in Canada who wrote back to say things had worked out fine, it was inevitable that more would follow, so a steady stream of travellers then chose Canada.

    I have attached a transcript of a letter from Quebec in 1847 which mentions migration from Sligo, albeit briefly. The original is in PRONI in Belfast.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 4th January 2021, 09:55AM

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