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I'm trying to trace Constantine Rooney, who lived in the 1800s.  Two Constantine Rooneys died in Newry, both aged 88, both farmers (!!), in 1879 and 1892.  Any info on either of these would be welcomed.  (My Constantine had two children, Thomas and Elizabeth, each of whom married in 1865 and 1868 respectively.  Descendants are DNA related.  There could also have been three other children - Anne, Margaret and Mary.  My Rooneys are from the Haggardstown / Dundalk area.  Not sure why Constantine died in Newry, and those two may not even be our Constantine.)

Glenda Sladen

Thursday 29th Jul 2021, 07:45PM

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  • Hello Glenda,

    What was the name of Thomas and Elizabeth Rooney’s mother, including her maiden name? Her full name is important so that you can separate the Rooneys in your direct line, from other Rooney’s in a collateral, or different line, whose father also have had the first name of Constantine.

    Copies of the original civil registration death records for the two men named Constantine Rooney, show they did not actually die in Newry, County Down. Their deaths however, were recorded in the Newry Registration District. The death records were found at the website.


    Constantine Rooney died on February 17, 1879 in “Ballaugholly,” County Down. At the time of death he was 88 years old and married. His occupation had been farmer. The cause of death was “Disease of Heart Immediate. Uncertified.” The person who was present at the death and who reported the death to the Newry, County Down registrar was Constantine’s wife, “Bridget in Utterance during last illness.” Bridget’s residence was Ballaugholly. The registrar, Allen Edmond Douglas, recorded Constantine’s death in the Newry, County Down Registration District on March 6, 1879. Constantine’s death entry is the first one in the register at Number 67, which you can access at:

    Constantine’s town of death, “Ballaugholly,” is actually Ballyagholy, which was in the Civil Parish of Kilbroney. See the IreAtlas Townland Data Base entry at:


    This Constantine Rooney didn’t die in 1892. His death was recorded in the Newry Registration District on what appears to be January 20, 1892. Constantine died in the townland of Ballyvalley, County Down, on December 26, 1891 at the age of 88. At the time of death he was married. His occupation had been farmer. The cause of death was “Influenza 5 days. No Medical attendant.” Constantine’s nephew Patrick, whose last name I couldn’t make out, was present at the death. Patrick’s residence was Ballyvally. He reported the death to the registrar, Allen Douglas. The death record is Number 58 in the register at:

    There are two recorded townlands named Ballyvally, County Down in the IreAtlas. One of these was in the Civil Parish of Clonallan, Poor Law Union of Newry. The second town named Ballyvally was in the Civil Parish of Seapatrick, Poor Law Union of Banbridge. Constantine’s death took place in the Ballyvally townland in the Civil Parish of Clonallan.

    Both men named Constantine Rooney were recorded in an Irish property tax record known as Griffiths Valuation. The valuation for County Down was completed by the year 1864.

    Each Constantine was recorded in the townland where they died, Ballyagholy, Civil Parish of Kilbroney, and Ballyvally, Civil Parish of Clonallan

    The Griffiths Valuation page for Constantine Rooney in Ballyagholy can be found at:

    You’ll see the numbers 1 through 39 recorded in the left margin of the valuation page for Ballyagholy. Constantine is at Number 35, toward the bottom of the page. He leased a house, office, and over 24 acres of land in Ballyagholy from Robert Batt.

    The Griffiths Valuation page for Constantine Rooney in Ballyvally, Civil Parish of Clonallan, can be found at:

    You’ll see that many Rooneys had leased property in Ballyvally, most from Robert Batt. Constantine Rooney is recorded at Number 9. He leased a house, office, and over 14 acres of land.

    I didn’t find a Constantine Rooney leasing property in Haggardstown, County Louth.

    I didn’t find the 1865 and 1868 civil registration marriage records for a Thomas or Elizabeth Rooney, whose father was Constantine. I did locate the 11 November 1868 marriage of a William Farrell and Elizabeth Rooney recorded in the Newry Registration District. This marriage shows that Elizabeth was from the townland of Ballyvally, Down, but that her father was Lawrence Rooney, not Constantine. The marriage is the first one in the register at Number 9:

    Glenda, who did Thomas Rooney marry and who did Elizabeth Rooney marry? It’s possible I had missed locating their civil registration marriage records. I also could not identify their church marriage records for the years 1865 and 1868.


    I located the Catholic parish baptism transcriptions for three different Rooney families in Haggardstown, County Louth, whose father was Constantine. Your information shows your Rooneys came from Haggardstown, Louth, and so one, or all of these families may be in your line, or collateral lines. The earliest baptisms are from the mid to late 1700s.

    These baptism were located at the Find My Past (FMP) website.

    An index of these baptisms can be found at the FMP link at:

    You’ll first have to establish a free account with FMP before downloading the indexes.

    To access the full transcription for each baptism, click on the page icon to the right of each baptism entry. The full transcriptions will give the maiden names of the mothers of all the children baptized in the Haggardstown Catholic Parish from 1746 tom 1846.

    In the indexes you’ll see different variations in the way Constantine is spelled… “Congolla,” for instance. This is because the FMP transcriber had a difficult time understanding the spelling of the father’s name in the original Haggardstown baptism register.

    The mother in the earliest Rooney baptisms is Rose. When you access the full baptism transcriptions for the four children of Constantine and Rose, you’ll see her maiden name spelled variably as McLone, McKone, and Malone. But these variations of her maiden name refers to the same person named Rose.

    In three of the baptism indexes for Rose Rooney (1790); Patt Rooney (1794); and Thomas Rooney (1806); you’ll see that their mother is Mary Goslin. I can send you a copy of the original Haggardstown marriage record for their parents, Constantine Rooney and Mary Goslin, if you’d like it.

    You’ll also see there are six baptism indexes for children of Constantine and Sara. In accessing the full transcription for each child, you’ll see that their mother Sara’s maiden name is Johnston. In the 1838 baptism index for Elizabeth, you’ll see that Sara’s first name is transcribed as “Jara,” rather than Sara. But this would be Sara, and is a transcription error.

    You’ll also see two 1837 baptism indexes for Mary Rooney. These indexes are for the same child. The FMP transcriber could not tell from copies of the original baptism for Mary, if her baptism took place on 17 January 1837, or17 February 1837.

    See both baptism transcriptions for Mary at:

    Are there any Rooney children in the Haggardstown baptism indexes or transcriptions that you are particularly interested in? Please let me know and I can find copies of the original baptism records for that child or those children in the Haggardstown Catholic Parish registers.

    With Kind Regards,

    Dave Boylan

    Ireatlas Townland Data Base
    Griffiths Valuation
    Find My Past (FMP)


    Friday 30th Jul 2021, 11:00AM
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    Hello there

    I am blown away by how unbelievably helpful you have been!  That said, it is going to take me a couple of days to sift through all you have said.

    In the meantime, I CAN tell you a little more about Constantine's two (of maybe five) children, Thomas and Elizabeth.

    Thomas married Jane Hance 12 October 1868 at Clogher in Co. Tyrone.  Father Constantine given on marriage certificate.  We have no birth certificate for Thomas.  We have a POSSIBLE death certificate for Thomas 21 June 1900 in Dundalk 73 years widow Jane present.  I am descended from this Thomas Rooney.

    Elizabeth married Henry Trace 25 July 1865 in Dublin.  The Trace family emigrated to Melbourne in Australia in the 1880s.  Elizabeth Trace died in Melbourne 1916 age 76.  Informant her daughter Mary gives Elizabeth's mother as Sarah Williamson (or Williams).  But as she wrongly gave Elizabeth's father as Jon Roney (instead of Constantine Rooney) we can't be sure.

    Again, many thanks for such a detailed and wonderful reply, which I shall dig into presently.

    Glenda Sladen, Sydney



    Glenda Sladen

    Sunday 1st Aug 2021, 03:39AM
  • You are welcome Glenda, and many thanks for writing and for the kind words.

    Best of Luck,



    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 10:43AM
  • Hello Dave

    I have done a reply where I enter in red, comments on your original post, in a Word document.  I then tried to copy and paste on to this space, and it didn't work. 

    Is there a way I could send it to your email address?  Or am I doing something wrong with "copy and paste"?

    Ah, wait, I could send the Word doc.  Hold on, I'll do it that way!!

    Glenda, Sydney, aged 68, descendant of Constantine Rooney

    Glenda Sladen

    Wednesday 4th Aug 2021, 07:09AM
  • Many thanks Glenda for your Constantine Rooney From Ireland Reaching Out.docx attachment.



    Friday 6th Aug 2021, 08:45AM
  • No worries, Dave.  Do you have any comments or suggestions on my red comments in the Word doc attached?


    Glenda Sladen

    Saturday 7th Aug 2021, 11:52AM
  • Hello Glenda,

    Sorry for the delay with the response. I had to go over everything again and look for some additional records before sending a reply. In addition I had to resolve some computer problems which took some time to sort out.

    The reply is attached with my comments highlighted in red.

    There is also another attachment of the Griffiths Valuation page for Constantine Rooney which you couldn't access from the link I had provided.

    Thank you Glenda,



    Monday 9th Aug 2021, 12:01PM
  • Hello  there Dave


    I have gone through your marvellous notes.  How good are you?!?!  I have attached a doc again, which I hope you'll read.  The comments in swimming pool blue are the only ones to worry about.


    Glenda from Sydney

    Glenda Sladen

    Thursday 19th Aug 2021, 01:14AM

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