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Hi there,

I love this web site.  Thank You for connecting families with their Ancestors.  I am looking for any information regarding my ancestors, the Rooney and Casey Families.  Francis Rooney B. @1800,  Son John Francis Rooney (B. @ 1826),  married Johanna Casey (B. april 1836),  in Sandville, Kilcow, Ireland March 5, 1856.  I know they were dairy farmers and had approx 9 children.  Johanna and the children came to America in the 1870's , after John had passed.  I was hoping to get any information about where exactly the family farms may have been.  Any more information on the Casey family.  Thank You very Much!

Kerry from Massachusetts

Kerry-Lynn Rafferty Houghton

Tuesday 19th January 2021, 04:16PM

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  • Hi, You can see baptismal records for many of the Rooney children herek:¢ury=&decade=&ddBfrom=&ddMfrom=&ddDfrom=&mmBfrom=&mmMfrom=&mmDfrom=&yyBfrom=&yyMfrom=&yyDfrom=&ddBto=&ddMto=&ddDto=&mmBto=&mmMto=&mmDto=&yyBto=&yyMto=&yyDto=&locationB=&locationM=&locationD=&member0=&member1=&member2=&member3=&member4=&member5=&member6=&member7=&member8=&member9=&namef0=&namef1=&namef2=&namef3=&namef4=&namef5=&namef6=&namef7=&namef8=&namef9=&namel0=&namel1=&namel2=&namel3=&namel4=&namel5=&namel6=&namel7=&namel8=&namel9=&keyword=&event=


    Tuesday 19th January 2021, 10:46PM