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Could anyone advise me how to find information on my great great grandfather who was a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery in Gibraltar approx 1830. By 1861 he was a pensioner living in Dublin Ireland.
Thank you.


Thursday 9th July 2020, 10:00AM

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  • Does this query relate to the John Craig mentioned in your earlier topic ? John and Catherine Craig nee Foster
    I think there may be another topic as some of the details seem very familiar...

    Any surviving information relating to a Military career or that time would probably be held by the National Archives, Kew (London). Many of their records are free to download at the moment. There may also be a Regimental Archive held somewhere for the Royal Artillery.

    Do you have any clues as to what part of Dublin, or street, your John might have lived in Dublin after 1861 ?
    He could appear in a street directory...

    For reference - there are two seperate marriages registered for John Craig and Catherine Foster, the first a civil marriage on the 20th February 1861 at the Registars Office in Kingstown, the 2nd was a church marriage which took place in the Church of Ireland parish church in Monkstown on the 26th March 1861.  The civil marriage shows John's residence as Shamrock Place Kingstown, the bride's as Foster Place Kingstown - the church record only lists Kingstown for both (Monkstown was the Church of Ireland parish for Kingstown). John is shown as a Carpenter in both records - no military connection for him that I see - his father Thomas is shown as a Pensioner on the church marriage and a Sergeant Royal Artillery.on the civil marriage record, but there's no indication given on marriage records as whether the fathers are alive, or where they might be living...

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 9th July 2020, 02:59PM