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Hello, my name is Kevin Ruane, My father was born at Prospect Hill Galway on the 18th September 1908.

His Mother was Mary Ruane formerly Nevin

Father was Stephen Ruane

Brother Stephen born 17/4/1900

Sister Mary Margaret born 15/2/1902

Sister Sarah Josephine born  23/10/1904?

My father was Michael Thomas born 18/9/1908

My father arrived in Australia 24/11/1925

I would like to obtain information of his brother and sisters.

Also any information about his Mother and Father

Very Kind Regards




Sunday 24th December 2017, 07:13AM

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  • Kevin:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out! has copies of civil records online. I located the following records: 1911 census record for the family, the marriage record for Stephen Ruane and Mary Nevin in 1899 (names of fathers are listed on the record) the likely civil birth record for Stephen Ruane and the likely death record for the father of Stephen Ruane.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Sunday 24th December 2017, 01:49PM
  • Hi Roger

    Thank you very much for that information, shall take a look at those site's


    Kevin Ruane


    Sunday 24th December 2017, 11:42PM
  • Hi Kevin,

    Roger has given you the relevant records in line with my research. Believe your Grandfather Stephen (1868-) may have been an only child. Your greatgrandfather Stephen (1842-1912) may have remarried in 1876, Claregalway church record,  Havent been able to find a Civil record which would show if a widower.

    If i am correct Stephen (1868) had a number of step brothers / sisters, some of whom emigrated to Waltham, Massachusetts to an Uncle Michael Ruane.


    Gerard, IrelandXO Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Monday 25th December 2017, 01:31PM
  • Good day

    I have no information if Michael had any contact with his parents if they were still alive when he arrived in Austral;ia, or his sisters and brother,if they had ever married and had children.Looking bay it is quite sad that we as children never took time to enquire about any of his family. He had never went back, nor had the money to do so.After he died there was no letters of photo's relating to his earlier life. I am getting a bit old now but would like toget as much information for my family.





    Tuesday 26th December 2017, 08:58AM