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Hello, I am seeking info about the Scannell and Victory families.

My grandfather was John Joseph Scannell born March 25th 1885 in Cork, He was a Ship's Carpenter and worked on the construction of the Titanic. He died in Cork March 27th 1955.

He married my grandmother Mary Ann Victory Nov, 10th 1910. She was born in 1885 in Co. Westmeath, she died July 4th 1964 in Cork. Her Father was Eugene Victory who was born in 1855 in Co. Westmeath anddied in Cork in 1897. He married Margaret Mulheron who was born abt. 1855 and died Dec. 1st 1915 in Cork.

My great grandfather Thomas B Scannell was born in 1855 in Cork and died Feb. 21st 1904. He married Mary woods in June 1884, her father was named William Woods

From the census records, addresses linked to my family, all in Cork are: Industry Place, Friar's Walk, Stephen St., Shankiel Rd.



Bart Scannell

Sunday 10th April 2022, 06:44PM

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