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My mother Mary Scollan was born in Carrickreevagh, Glenfarn, Parrish of Cloonclare, District of Manorhamilton, County Leitrim. Her father Patrick Scollan was also born there. Her grandfather Owen Scollan lived there, although I'm not sure that he was born there. Her great grandfather Owen Scollan was not from there. I am looking for where the Scollans originated from..... Fermanagh, Sligo??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Sunday 1st November 2020, 07:45PM

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  • Hello Helen, I looked in McLysaghts book Surnames of Ireland, and it says Scollan is the Leinster form of the name called Scullin in Ulster, when I then look at Scullin it gives variants as Scullane; Scullion; Skollin and in Gaelic O'Scullain, there are fadas (Irish language for a back slash over the letter and it occurs over the "O" and the "a" in the name so oh Scull aain in sound is the best I can do. A Derry erenagh (no idea what that is) sept (Irish clan) from Ballyscullion (Derry) whose name is sometimes changed to Scully, it is not a variant of Scallan. It is very rare outside Ulster (Leitrim is near the province of Ulster and Derry also. It refers to his other book More Irish Families but I do not have a copy.

    There is a site here that is subscription but you can search the surnames for free for a few times. there is also a Facebook page The Irish Surname Registry think they may haves changed it to Irish Surnames Registry and DNA or somethink similiar so you may find someone there who knows more. 

    You will also find the name on this site of a Scollan family and other Leitirm families.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Tuesday 3rd November 2020, 08:40PM
  • How confusing. The only name that I have is Scollan, as the 1901 census lists, as well as the birth record of my great grandfather listing his father also as Owen Scollan. I'm at a roadblock.



    Monday 9th November 2020, 09:05PM
  • I've hit that same roadblock. Grandfather Patrick, Great Grandfather Owen & Great Great Grandfather Owen. Can't find anything about my GG Grandfather's wife or where they originated from before Co Leitrim. It's frustrating. I've been to the home in Carrickreevagh, Glenfarn. I love the area and the people that I met there. I plan on returning. Who do you decend from? It's not Patrick is it? One of his siblings?.......Helen


    Saturday 28th November 2020, 10:31PM
  • Hello,

    I live in the US, and my grandfather was Francis Scholan, whose parents were Sarah Parker and James Scollan (note the name change).  James was born in Carrickatoughan district of Holywell Enniskillen County Fermanagh.  I think James DOB was May 16, 1864 or 1866.  On the marriage certificate, James last name is spelled (misspelled?) as Scholan.  His brother was the marriage witness and his last name was spelled Scollan.  My records indicate that James' father was Owen Scollan. I am wonderng, Helen, if your mother's grandfather was the same Owen?

    Please reach out at!



    Kate S

    Wednesday 10th February 2021, 01:07AM
  • Hi - I misspelled my email address!  it is  Thanks!  -Kate S.

    Kate S

    Wednesday 10th February 2021, 01:08AM
  • Hello Kate,

    I also live in the US. I live in Florida, as a transplant from NY. I've looked through my list of my G Grandfather, Owen Scollan's (1847-1919), children. I do not see a James. Owen's children were Bridget, Margaret, Mary, Patrick b.1872, Owen b.1877, Thomas & John. I had thought that your Owen could have quite possibly been my Grandfather Patrick's sibling, but the dob doesn't match. My GG Grandfather was also named Owen Scollan (1798-1873). Maybe your line could have decended from one of his other children. I have no furher information on my GG Grandfather other than his dob & dod. Good luck. 


    Saturday 13th February 2021, 07:20PM