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Searching for Cregg family in Co. Sligo and Belfast

Searching for ancestors of Elizabeth Cregg (b. 1872, Sligo). Father was James Cregg. Siblings may include Patrick Cregg and Norah Cregg. At least one sibling was a merchant in Belfast and another possibly a priest. Elizabeth Cregg married John Connelly (Co. Longford) and both immigrated to Glasgow, Scotland, around 1895-1900. Possible that they met in Glasgow and married there. Any information on this family and any current connection to Belfast is appreciated as I will be traveling there this fall. Elizabeth Connelly (nee Craig) was my maternal great grandmother.


Tuesday 13th August 2019, 09:20PM

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    There is a birth for Elizabeth Cregg in Armstrong’s Row, Sligo on 3rd Jan 1872. Parents were James Cregg, baker, and Mary Devany.

    Parents married 30.6.1869 in Collooney chapel. Births noted for children Mary Ellen 1.10.1868, Anna 14.10.1870, Patrick 27.4.1874, Bedelia 10.3.1879, Michael 10.4.1882, Sophia 20.9.1884 and Stephen James 27.12.1889 (this last birth was in the workhouse).

    Sophia died 3.4.1889 in Quay St Sligo. Sister Lizzie was the informant.

    James was in Sligo workhouse in the 1901 census, aged 60 and a widower:

    This might be James in 1911 in a boarding house. The age is right though he is no longer a baker. However if he had been in the workhouse, he may have lost his trade.  As in 190, he is married but there's no sign of his wife or children in Co. Sligo.

    I can’t see Patrick in either the 1901 or 1911 Irish censuses, nor any of the other children. Had most of the family moved to Scotland perhaps?

    I don’t see a marriage for Elizabeth in Ireland.  There is a marriage on 30.5.1896 in the Gorbals, Glasgow between Elizabeth Cregg and john Connolly. (You can view that on the Scotlandspeople site). However she names her parents as John Cregg (baker) and Annie Mulvaney. So something’s not quite right there. She also gives her age as 22 whereas, if it’s the woman born in 1872, she was actually 24 but discrepancies in ages in those days were quite common. I don’t see a marriage for John Cregg and Annie Mulvaney in Ireland, so I wonder if Elizabeth gave incorrect information about her parents for some reason.

    I looked in the current phone book for Belfast. I did not see anyone named Cregg listed. However that’s not conclusive because obviously many people aren’t listed these days. But it’s not a common name in the Belfast area.


    Wednesday 14th August 2019, 02:56AM
  • Many Cregg families in and around Kilaraght on Roscommon - Sligo border.


    Some near Elphin also.  A Cregg family member (Birdie) due to hit 100 years of age in April 2020.  The last of family of 6 born in Cregga near Elphin.

    Cregg family member from Sligo - Roscommon border (past family from Kilaraght

    Tuesday 12th November 2019, 11:18AM