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Thomas Cosgrove

12-Jan-21 9:37
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 3 Thank you for your help.
by HCC 12-Jan-21 16:57


12-Jan-21 6:14
Ireland XO Community, Ardstraw (Tyrone) 2 You haven’t said what denomination
by Elwyn 12-Jan-21 10:36


12-Jan-21 6:12
Ireland XO Community, Moira (Down), Belfast (Antrim), Lurgan (Cavan) 2 Sam,
by Elwyn 12-Jan-21 10:22

Alexander McNeice born about 1844 in Ulster

12-Jan-21 2:34
Ireland XO Community 2 The spelling Maurice is very rare
by Elwyn 12-Jan-21 3:24

Gannons, Horseleap/Streamstown/Ardnurcher

12-Jan-21 1:01
Ireland XO Community, Westmeath 2 I checked the subscription site
by Castlemore Roscommon 12-Jan-21 13:49

Patrick Crawford of Newtownards and Bangor, Co Down

11-Jan-21 23:46
Ireland XO Community, Down, Newtownards (Down) 4 Helen,
by Elwyn 12-Jan-21 21:32

James Gilhooley, emigrant to Australia

11-Jan-21 23:16
Ireland XO Community 2
by Diane Gilhula 13-Jan-21 0:12

Thomas Cosgrove

11-Jan-21 20:58
Ireland XO Community, Dublin 4 Hi,
by Kieran Jordan 13-Jan-21 17:03

Frazers in Laois, early 19th century

11-Jan-21 20:52
Ireland XO Community 9 Hello Ballypierce.
by Kester 13-Jan-21 21:28

O'Neill family

11-Jan-21 18:12
Ireland XO Community, Mayo 4 There were four different septs
by kevin45sfl 13-Jan-21 21:04