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Kirby's of Knockainey area

28-Mar-12 1:47
Ireland XO Community 6 Kirby Research
by kbender 30-May-12 20:48

Hopkins Family

27-Mar-12 22:41
Pomeroy (Tyrone) 2


27-Mar-12 22:09
Trinity Without (Waterford) 3 Ryan Family
by Texas 3-Jun-13 20:04

Warren in Cork City

27-Mar-12 22:01
Cork 4 I just came upon this today and am
by cait 28-Jun-17 20:29

Vaughan Family of Dunmuckrum, near Ballyshannon

27-Mar-12 16:26
Inishmacsaint (Donegal) 3 Vaughan family in Dunmuckrum
by Kimithy Vaughan 18-Jul-12 20:26

Saint Patrick and the Great Owl

26-Mar-12 21:40
Tynagh (Galway) 2 Thanks Gerald
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 14:29

Rowles Family - Clonteen (formerly in Doon, now Cappamore)

26-Mar-12 20:28
Ireland XO Community 2 Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!
by Clare Doyle 29-Sep-15 14:28

Birthplace and parents of Robert Warwick and his connection to the Warwicks of Scarva

26-Mar-12 20:20
Aghaderg (Down) 3 Warwick
by Doreen 30-Mar-12 18:26

Mona Doyle

26-Mar-12 19:10
Dublin 2 HI there
by Connaught Ireland 21-Mar-13 13:38

Robert Morrison of Ballymote County Sligo

26-Mar-12 14:46
Ballymote (Sligo) 8 I have a little information about a
by Wilberforce 13-Sep-20 15:41