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Fitzgerald’s from Whitewell

5-Aug-20 18:15
Ireland XO Community, Cork 2 Hi Patti,
by McCoy 7-Aug-20 20:40

Thomas Logan and Elizabeth McIlhatton

5-Aug-20 16:41
Ireland XO Community, Derry, Faughanvale (Derry) 5 Military service is the most likely
by Elwyn 8-Aug-20 8:06

Castlebar-John O’Malley/Malley

5-Aug-20 14:11
Ireland XO Community 2 Mstanrn:
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-Aug-20 16:52

Martin Ryan and Honora Dunn, married February 7, 1810 family

4-Aug-20 22:47
Ireland XO Community 4 Mary Ann:
by Castlemore Roscommon 7-Aug-20 17:18

Grady research

4-Aug-20 21:40
Ireland XO Community, Kilglass (Sligo) 5 TU  
by Mike 5-Aug-20 18:52

Grady research

4-Aug-20 21:40
Ireland XO Community, Kilglass (Sligo) 2 Duplicate message
by Castlemore Roscommon 4-Aug-20 22:47

Mary Young

4-Aug-20 19:19
Ireland XO Community, Wexford 9 Thank you Roger , yes we know that
by Alan 5-Aug-20 19:17

Joseph Copland

4-Aug-20 19:13
Ireland XO Community, Enniscorthy (Wexford) 1

Bridget Flannigan

4-Aug-20 19:08
Ireland XO Community, Naas (Kildare) 1

William john Cochrane

4-Aug-20 19:01
Ireland XO Community, Derry 3 Omg , thank you McCoy that is of
by Alan 4-Aug-20 19:42