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John James O'Connor

10-Jan-21 19:32
Ireland XO Community, Kerry 2 Mary:
by Castlemore Roscommon 11-Jan-21 0:25

Townland Query. Aghnenirrisk.

10-Jan-21 18:06
Ireland XO Community 5 Thanks Elwyn.
by KDD 12-Jan-21 16:29

Early Ontario Records - Canada

10-Jan-21 17:21
Ireland XO Community, Valentia (Kerry) 1

Help with finding parish baptismal and burial records- Tipperary

10-Jan-21 17:19
Ireland XO Community 3 Dear Patricia
by HelenS 11-Jan-21 18:36

James Waterman Connors

10-Jan-21 8:37
Ireland XO Community 7 Thank you for that, but apparently
by Patty Winchester 13-Jan-21 18:28

Doherty/O'Donnell/Stone Families

10-Jan-21 7:58
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 3 Hi Roger, thank you for your reply.
by Rosie 10-Jan-21 13:59


10-Jan-21 7:03
Ireland XO Community 4 Hi Jim,
by NanArana 14-Jan-21 3:12

Daniel McANENEY and Catherine MACKLE

10-Jan-21 3:42
Ireland XO Community 4 Rose,
by Elwyn 12-Jan-21 18:18

John Kelly and Catherina McDonough

10-Jan-21 3:09
Ireland XO Community, Tuam (Galway) 5 Roger McDonnell and Kieran Jordan,
by Karen 14-Jan-21 23:00


10-Jan-21 0:38
Ireland XO Community, Galway, Dunmore (Galway) 4 Rose:
by Castlemore Roscommon 11-Jan-21 19:05