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Devlin and McCann.

28-Jul-20 15:48
Ireland XO Community 6 You're welcome. Many thanks for
by davepat 30-Jul-20 14:16

David Holmes

28-Jul-20 15:29
Magherafelt (Derry), Derry 3 Hi thank you for getting back to me
by hch58 29-Jul-20 16:47


28-Jul-20 14:02
Ireland XO Community 5 Thank You for all your help!!
by Nicole Nevin 29-Jul-20 11:21

Researching John Alley, brewer & Mayor of Dublin 1817-18, and Dr George Underwood Alley

28-Jul-20 12:21
Ireland XO Community 6 Dear Shane
by Partridge 5-Aug-20 2:12

David Byrnes from the Londonderry Regiment of the Militia

28-Jul-20 6:08
Ireland XO Community, Derry, Magherafelt (Derry) 2 Is David's first wife's forename
by Elwyn 28-Jul-20 13:20

Mary Coyne and William Hunter

28-Jul-20 4:42
Ireland XO Community, Antrim 6 I checked a bit more and the
by Elwyn 28-Jul-20 17:54

Looking for John W. Burke

28-Jul-20 2:30
Ireland XO Community, Mayo 2 Tom:
by Castlemore Roscommon 28-Jul-20 13:16

Looking for John W. Burke

28-Jul-20 2:26
Ireland XO Community, Galway 2 See response to identical
by Castlemore Roscommon 28-Jul-20 13:17

Mary Hennessey (Hennessy) Family from county Clare Ireland

28-Jul-20 2:07
Ireland XO Community, Clare, Milltown Malbay (Clare) 3 Thank you Jane , 
by CLUIN MCALEAR ancestors in Ireland 31-Jul-20 17:29

Patrick and Honor OConnell Killimer

28-Jul-20 1:17
Ireland XO Community, Killimer (Clare) 2 Hi Wendy:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 30-Jul-20 11:02