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I have found a baptism record for the oldest son of my 2x great grandparents, John Nihill born in 1833 in Killaloe County Clare to Mathew Nihill and Mary Mockly/Mockler. Mathew is noted as being from Killaloe, I have decifered Mary's place of origin as Portroe County Tipperary. Although the hand written baptismal record is not totally clear, Portroe is the closest match to what was written and appears to be close enough to Killaloe for them to have met. Mary was probably born between 1800 and 1810. She and Mathew has a second son, Mathew, my great grandfather, born around 1836. I have not found a record of his baptism in Killaloe and wonder if he might have been born in Portroe. Mathew and Mary did not marry until 1843. John's baptismal record has a notation of "illegitamete". Mathew and Mary had three daughters baptized in Killaloe between 1844 and 1849. 

Any information that can be provided will be appreciated. 


Thursday 14th October 2021, 01:54AM

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  • Hi, As you say Killaloe is a place in County Clare.
    It is also the Diocese name for parts of County Clare, Couty Tipperary and County Limerick.
    There is a Matt Nihill in Shantrade, Killaloe in 1823 (where there isn't a date it is 1823)
    Shantrade now is called Shantraud.  
    The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37 (
    If you look at a map of Killaloe you will see the bridge over the River Shannon to Ballina.
    From the bridge on the Killaloe side look left for a road called Convent Hill it leads into Creevroe Road. Shantrade /Shantraud is in the at area.
    Can you post this please................I have decifered Mary's place of origin as Portroe County Tipperary. Although the hand written baptismal record is not totally clear. Thanks.
    In 1901 Census there are Nihill families living in Creeveroe, a Patrick and his wife Bridget. He was born about 1849, his father was Patrick.
    Could Patrick the Father be a brother to Matthew, John's father?
    National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911
    From 1864 records stated Registration Districts. The Tipperary side would come under Nenagh (the county town) and the Clare side under Ennis (the county Town)


    Thursday 14th October 2021, 03:45PM
  • Margot, Thank you for your information. Attached is a pdf of the baptismal record for John Nihil that I found online for St. Flannan's in Killaloe. Looking at it again, I am more convinced that Portroe is the location noted for Mary and one of the sponsors.

    I was in Killaloe last month but did not have time to do any research in person. We did cross the Ballina/Killaloe bridge twice.

    The Nihil name was quite common in Killaloe and County Clare in the mid-1800's. The Patrick Nihill you noted as in Creeveroe in 1901 could have been a nephew of my Mathew Nihil, his father Patrick and my Mathew could have been brothers. I think that Mathew's father was John Nihil, since Mathew's first born son was named John. But that name is quite common in Killaloe records. Based on some of the GV and other records I have found, it is possible that Mathew was a fisherman in Loch Derg. 

    I really appreciate the work of all the Ireland XO volunteers.



    Friday 15th October 2021, 03:54PM

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  • Thanks Kathy,
    This is the record I saw and I wanted to make sure it was the same as you had. Yes it is Portroe.
    I looked in the Tithe records for Moc* to pick up the different spellings of the surname.
    Then searched for any in Portroe, sorry no results.
    Searched several sites, still no results, sorry.


    Saturday 16th October 2021, 12:11PM
  • Hi,

    The attached record of a Matthew Nihil - Revenue Police - 1833 -  may not be of any assistance, but one never knows.

    His record shows that he was residing in Ennis.,



    Saturday 16th October 2021, 04:05PM

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  • Thanks McCoy, 

    I looked for the old marriage bonds saw a  Matthew and a Catherine Leo or Lee.
    Diocesan & Prerogative Marriage License Bonds (
    Really hard to find old records.
    Sorry not much help today.


    Sunday 17th October 2021, 09:26AM
  • Margot and McCoy, Thank you so much for the addtional information and efforts you are making. Even though no further information has been found for Mary inPortroe, I am confident that is the correct locaation. I did find a birth record for a Mary Mockler baptized on 10-Feb-1806 Parish/District Thurles. Father Francis Mockler Mother Margaret Gorman. I understand that Portroe is in the Diocese of Killaloe but Thurles isn't that far away.

    The information on the Irish Revenue Police is interesting, I read it as he was "employed" by the Revenue Police, not that he was charged by them. Mathew and Mary married in 1843 in Killaloe. They had two sons prior to their marriage; John 1833 and Mathew about 1836. I wonder if they were in Ennis between 1834 and 1843? Always something to investigate isn't there? And that is the fun of this research.

    Thanks again, Kathy


    Sunday 17th October 2021, 05:38PM