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Hello my name is Ye Chan Cruse. I am a Korean American that is interested in learning more about my Irish ancestry. I have Irish ancestry through both my American grandfather and American grandmother. I know that my grandmother's mother was an Irish orphan born in Hartford, Conneticut and was named Genivive M. Griffin (Griffin being her maiden name). My grandfather's mother was Eula Ethel Rippy. The document I have goes all the way back to Matthew Rippy Sr. who was born in 1740 in Dublin Ireland and moved to the United State in 1744 with his parents when he was four. His father was Joseph Rippy born in 1706 in Dublin, Ireland and married to Ellen Rippy (Patterson). Joseph's father was Edward Lee Rippy born in 1678 in Dublin, Ireland. Edward's father was Sir Henry Rippy born in 1650 in Dublin, Ireland. Henry's father was Dr William Rippy. who was apparently born in 1630 in France. Thanks for all the help! 


Wednesday 1st Jun 2022, 05:34AM

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  • Ye Chan:

    I looked for Dublin city church records in the 1700s on the free site  but did not find any records with the surname Rippy.

    I also searched the subscription site Roots Ireland but did not find any records for a Genevieve Griffin. I also looked for a civil birth record on the free site  and did not see a Genevieve Griffin record.

    Genevieve was not a common given name in Ireland. 

    Let us know if you find any additional information. Have you checked her death record?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 1st Jun 2022, 04:30PM

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