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I am new to geneology and trying to find out more about my ancestors before visiting Ireland with my family this summer.  My great-great grandparents, John Conboy and Ann McNalley (DOB: 1830-1832, also spelled McKnalley, MacAnnelly, or Connelly.  She also sometimes is listed as Anna) were from Ireland.  I suspect that they immigrated to the US separately and were married here.  They lived in St. Louis, MO and Plymouth, Illinois.  I finally found a post in the 1877 publication of the Boston Pilot that is in search of information of Ann's brother, Michael McKnalley, who had immigrated (approximately 1846) to the US and was living in Kansas City, MO.  In this article, it states that Ann and Michael's parents were Patrick McKnalley and Mary Tarpy of Aghamore, County Mayo.   I am not sure what part of Ireland John Conboy was from.  Any information would be appreciated. 



Allison Pritchett


Thursday 13th February 2020, 02:07AM

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  • The surname Conboy (sometimes written as Conaboy, or even Conway) is an anglicization of the Irish name Ó Conbhuidhe, derived from the words con ("hound") and buidhe ("yellow").  The surname originated in Connacht, and is found in all of those counties, especially Sligo, so it is not uncommon in Mayo.


    Thursday 13th February 2020, 05:27PM