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Searching for my Kirby & Foley ancesters & any living relatives

John Kirby married Mary Foley 0n 16 Feb 1858, at the Tallow RC Parish.  Their witnesses were James Pyne & Mary Carew.  They resided in Ballyduff where their first 6 children were born:

Mary Kirby: bpt. Tallow, 04 Nov 1858, sponsors - Denis Cleary & Mary Cleary

Margaret Kirby: bpt Tallow, 05 June 1860, sponsors - James Hyrme & Margaret Carthy

William Kirby: bpt. Tallow, 02 Apr 1862, sponsors - Simon Cleary & Julia Keefe

Johanna Kirby: b. Toor Ballyduff Waterford 22 May1864, bpt June 1864 Ballyduff Dist

David Kirby: b. Ballyduff, 28 Aug 1866, bpt. 17 Sept 1866 Ballyduff Dist., sponsors - John Baley & Mary Hurly

John Kirby: bpt Tallow.RC Parish, 13 Jan 1868, sponsors - Edmund Dawly & Mary Wing

The family then moved into Co Cork where 6 more children were born & baptized.  They moved from townland to townland but stayed in the Fermoy Dist. between Conna & Carrigabrick.  Eventually most of the family immigrated to the Boston Massachusetts area of America.  It would be lovely to learn more about John's & Mary's history and find any living relatives.  When Mary died in Boston in 1898 I learned of her parents - David Foley & Mary Hennessey. John died in Somerville MA (a Boston area town) in 1908; his father was listed as John Kirby, but his mother was listed as unknown.

It would be lovely to learn more about my family.  Thank you for any help you may provide.  Janet






Friday 12th July 2019, 07:20PM

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  • Hi Janet,

    Roots Ireland has 3 records of children to David Foley and Margaret Hennessy. These are from Rathcormac parish which is in the same general area where the Kirby family lived.

    Catherine Nov 18 1833. Address: Redota.

    Johanna Jan 31 1842. Redota.

    Margaret Oct 3 1845. Address: R. Dothigh (?)

    You can view these records on the following link, it might be worth going through the parish registers to see of you could find a baptism of Mary, if this is her family.

    Trying to find John Kirby will be a bit more difficult as the name is very common. Roots Ireland has records of 19 John Kirbys born between 1830 and 1840 with a father called John Kirby. 


    Saturday 13th July 2019, 11:24AM
  • Thank You so much, Miriam.  I will will use your suggestions & pray that I find my ancestors.  They did travel around Cork, from the Conna area to Carrigabrick.  Janet


    Monday 15th July 2019, 06:07PM
  • You're welcome Janet.

    Good luck with your further research.


    Tuesday 16th July 2019, 08:57AM