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Searching for Terryglass ancestor information

Hello I hope someone here can help.

edit ***  my ancestors where protestant ***

My Great Great Grandfather was James Hodgins b:1800 in Cloughjordan.In 1827 he Married Elizabeth Dagg b:1800

and they lived in Terryglass. There are records of 4 births in Terryglass but the only name I have is Jane born 1826.

She was the last child born in Ireland. Her brother George was born In Quebec, Canada in 1829.

I am searching for ancestors for Elizabeth as she is currently a brick wall.

Also It would be nice to identify exactly where they lived.

Any other history of the family in this area would be useful


Robert (Bob) Workman



Bob Workman

Monday 2nd December 2019, 03:09PM

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  • Hi Bob  . . . 


    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out . . . . 

    I presume you aware of the Public Family Tree . . .on . . of the Moore Family . . . under the title of  "gmoore667" . . . listing all those names and family connections.


    As you are most likely aware . . . records stretching back to 1800 . . are rare . . . but . . . not impossible . . 

    Your real interest appears to be a re-connect to living relations . . . to this end . . you should make contact with the Historical Society in that area , , ,


    So. . first I searched . . . on Roots (paid site) . . .for any records of Dagg and/or Hodgins . . in the area of North Tipperary . . nothing that far back . . . 

    Next I went to Ireland's National Census . . . of which there is little to find . . . prior to 1901.

    Looking at 1901 . . . I can see the relations of the Hodgins . . are still living in the area of Terryglass Kilbarron Parish and Cloughjordan . . . 


    Next I would suggest , , , A published book , , , which your local Library can access for you . . . which contains many many references to the 

    Hodgins / Dagg emigration to Canada . . at that time . . . from N.Tipperary

    The book is   " Irish migrants in the Canadas "   A New Approach  . . . author ,,, Bruce S.Elliott . . . ISBN 0-7735-0607-1   or ISBN 0-7735-0703-5

    This book . . . on page 99 . . .  has references to a James Hodgins , , , of Biddulph Co.  Canada . . . ( home to the infamous " Black Donnellys ")



    So Bob . . I hope the above will be of some assistance   . . . 

    Cheers . . . Eamonn.

    Eamonn M. Horan

    Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 05:05PM
  • Bob . . . 

    In the Town of Nenagh.Tipperary  . . . there is. . .

    they . . . for a FEE paid . . will research . . in full . . all known info. re. those families.

    Eamonn M. Horan

    Tuesday 3rd December 2019, 05:10PM
  • Hi Bob, I am not related to you.
    Several Dagg familes, Modreeny, Latteragh (between Nenagh and Borrisoleigh) 
    The Dagg family in the Parish of Modreeny, which is just outside the town of Cloughjordan.
    This list is from the Tithe records, you would really need to know Elizabeth's Fathers name. as you can see the Town land names, all near the town of Cloughjordan.

    The Church in Modreeny is closed, a new one was built in 1837 in the town.
    This is the old Church, the second row of headstones on the right, this is where my Grandfather is buried.
    Alongside the Church is a grave yard, this is the list, though all names are not listed, even mine arn't, we go back to 1820's

    For the Hodgins family........please use this link as there are 19 listed in Tipperary.  Again you would need to know James' Fathers name.
    Oh, where it says Newtown Modgins it should read Newtown Hodgins.

    This next site, Civil Records were introduced in 1864. Births up to 1917or 18 or maybe 19 now. Deaths (some are up to 2000) and Marriages to about 1944.
    The Registration District for Cloughjordan is Borrisokane, but, also Roscrea, now it's Nanagh.
    This link, there are 2 early deaths records, but, you would have to pay to see these, there is a link. But if you see some that says Image, great you can get the record.

    As you are looking for early years it's harder to find the info.

    I looked at       Did Michael have a brother Richard who married a Jane Dagg?
    This is the tree that Eamonn mentioned in his message.

    Let us know if tthis the same family please.
    Terryglass as a Parish covers a large area, if you open this map and move Terryglass to the top left hand corner the Parish covers Ballinderry and about halfway back to Borriosokane.
    Then at the bottom you will see Modreeny and Cloughjordan.

    PRONI......Public Records of Northern Ireland (this is in Belfast) have all the Non Catholic records, there are a few on line as Eamonn says in rootsireland, Takes a bit of time and can be expensive going through PRONI.
    Let us know about the Richard Hodgins and Jane Dagg, please.



    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 01:32PM

    The below . . . is an extract from a book of research . . put together by volunteers of Ireland reaching Out .. . and presented to the

    Canadian Ambassador to Ireland . . . Kevin Vickers . . . by Helen Fox . . . I.R.O.  Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society . .

    James Hodgins, born 1786, from Oldcourt, Kilbarron, who was an acting constable in Borrisokane, departed c1832, as did several other members of the Hodgins family from the area. He was later created Colonel of the Huron Militia. George Hodgins and his wife Sarah Dagg with their four Terryglass born children William, Mary, Thomas and George departed around 1832 and settled in Shawville Pontiac. William Hodgins (brother of George) and his wife Maria Stoney and their Terryglass born children George, John, Mary Ann, William, Thomas, Edward and James (who was born in Templemore) departed around 1830 and also settled in Shawville. James Hodgins (brother of George and William) and his wife Sarah Dagg and their Terryglass born children George and Jane departed around 1830 and also settled in Shawville. Margaret Bollard 1798-1875 from Terryglass, (daughter of Richard & Elizabeth-see below) married Patrick Muldoon 1790-1857 and emigrated to Nepean prior to 1831.Richard Bollard and his wife Betty White, Knockaladeen, Terryglass, left with daughters Jane, Aby and Elizabeth and son Benjamin, for Ottawa around 1832. They are recorded in the 
    Census of Upper Canada 1842 Nepean Township


    Cheers . . Eamonn,


    Eamonn M. Horan

    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 03:31PM
  • To start with I am painfully aware of the difficulty in doing research in the 1800 timeframe.
    especially when births and immigrations appear between existing records and given naming conventions
    that produce large munbers of James, Tom, George & William all in a close timeframe.
    Therefore I do really appreciate the assistance I get.

    Some points of clarification:

    1. I have a fairly complete family tree for the Hodgins clan part of my ancestry, 
    both prior to my Great great grandfather James and after his move to Shawville, Clarendon township, Pontiac county, Quebec,Canada.

    The Moore tree adds nothing, but was a good hint. 
    I do have a trees on both Ancestry & MyHeritage so anything in that tree would already have been flagged as a hint.

    2. What I am looking to do is go back... I want to find Elizabeth Daggs father & grandfather etc.
    I would guess her fathers name at Richard given naming conventions as this is her 2nd son's name.

    3. I have referred to Dr. Elliots's book before when trying to trace a different ancestor.
    I have now ordered my own copy will arrive Friday.

    4. I am in contact with the Nenagh Heritage Center and they can supply some birth certificates (4) for the period
    1826 - 1831 for a fee ($100CAD). Waiting for holiday rush to end before sending check.


    Bob Workman

    Wednesday 4th December 2019, 07:57PM