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Seeking assistance from Australia to find John Fitzgerald Youghal

Australian going slowly mad trying to find my 3rd great grandfather's (John Fitztgerald) details!!  Our Fitzgerald family have taken pride in this name for generations here in Australia, particularly in Portland New South Wales.  John Fitzgerald was the first of our Fitzgerald clan to come to Australia.

My Uncle did pre-internet research in the 90s, with little luck.  I have looked at his marriage certificate from 1882 when he married my 3rd great grand mother Mary Ellen Fisher here in Echuca Victoria and his father's name is a very helpful (not lol) John Fitzgerald and his mother is Catherine Giarch.  However, my Uncle believed that it was actually Finch, but Im now (after some research) thinking it was actually Lynch.

Our John was the informant on most of his children's birth records and this is where I have located that he has Youghal recorded on 2 of them and just Cork on a couple of others.  He has also recorded various years of birth for himself on the children's birth records.  He has recorded 1848, 1845, 1846, and 1847.  His marriage certficiate has his date of birth as 10 March 1847.  

I havent been able to find when or where he came to Australia.  Assuming he was the real father of his eldest daughter, the earliest I have him in Australia is 1875 (John was a rouge out here when it came to women!, 2 warrants issued for deserting 2 different women lol).

I have been able to locate a parish bapstism documents where a John Fitzgerald and a Catherine Lynch from Youghal had a John Fitzgerald baptised on 14 march 1847 with sponsors Eliza Lynch and Edmund ?? (Jaier??)  with a residence that is a little illegible and not being from the area would have no idea what it might mean.  I have uploaded the record.

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated!





Wednesday 31st July 2019, 05:02AM

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  • Oh Miriam you are so wonderful!!!  Lots more to look at now :)  

    I hadnt thought of looking for an obituary!  His death certificate is sadly lacking in any real detail so a search for that may give me some more insight.

    Im also in the process of getting as many records here as I can about the daughters he had with a woman he was seeing before, during and after he married my 3rd great grandmother in the hope that there may even be a middle name for him on one of his daughter's marriage certificates.  Such a naughty boy our John was LOL

    Thank you again so very much!!!







    Thursday 1st August 2019, 05:05AM

    Hi Bernedette

    Beanfield is a townland in Clonpriest a few miles from Youghal.There are Fitzgeralds still living in the area.Hope this is a help.





    Saturday 10th August 2019, 09:02PM
  • MaryF

    Saturday 10th August 2019, 09:03PM
  •  Hi Bernadette,

    Beanfield is a townland in Conpriest...near Redbarn in Youghal

    Unfortunately the map in Griffiths Valuation has a little bit missing due to overlap but John Fitzgerald was living in a house  in Beanfield (1c  on map but cannot see it) in 1853.  This John is probably father or grandfather of John born in 1847 (most likely, As he was  born just a year after parents marriage  he would have been the first born son and called after his fathers father).  While no house visible on online map it narrows down the section of beanfield to a very small area.

    The Edmond, a sponsor on baptismal cert is I think Edmond Joice . There is Edmond Joice  showing in Kyle, Clonpriest in 1831 tithe defaulters list.

    Also, I copied some links as i was having a quick search.....If interested  email me on and I can send to you. 

    Hope above of some help, 

    Best of luck with your research.  











    Sunday 11th August 2019, 11:19AM
  • Go raibh maith agat!!  :)





    Thursday 15th August 2019, 02:43AM