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Hi All,

I am looking for information about my maternal grandmother.

Her name is Mary E Tobin and she was born about 1880 or 1883. I know that she last lived in Bagenalstown, Carlow and left Ireland in 1898.

I am trying to locate family in Carlow and possibly in Kilkenny.

Thanks a lot,
MD Rohan


Ireland Reaching Out

Tuesday 18th October 2011, 02:02PM

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  • My grandfather's name was Philip Sharkey and my grandmother's maiden name was Grace Carlin.  I do not know where in Ireland they were from.

    They emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of Glasgow, Scotland where Philip worked for a time as a shipbuilder.

    I am not sure when they came to the U.S., but I think it was between 1900 & 1910.

    If anyone can give me information on where Sharkey or Carlin might be from, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

    Kathleen Sharkey Delpha




    Friday 20th January 2012, 10:57PM
  • MD Rohan

    This seems to be her family as the ages fit :

    I suggest that if you don't receive a reply by putting a messsgae on the Bagenalstown message board here that you contact the parish and they shoudl be able to help




    There is a Philip Sharkey in Donegal in 1901  and as it's a uncommon combination I think that there amy be a link Donegal people have  astrong connection to Glasgow as well so that would tie in

    I would suggest putting a message on the Donegal parish site on here 




    MartinCurley, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 4th January 2013, 03:31PM
  • Hi MD Rohan,

    there quite a few Tobins in County Carlow..........there is even a 'Tobinstown' in a place called Rathvilly and this is where my own grandmother came from.  Now there is only one family in Bagnalstown in the 1901 census that could be yours.  The parents are old enough to have a child who has emigrated.  This is the local blacksmith.  good luck with your search and I hope this helps.............Graiguegirl  



    Saturday 16th April 2016, 10:08PM