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My 3rd great grandmother Jane mcerlean was baptised on 4th january 1829 @ ballinderry parish . Her address however is ballymaguigan, so i am unsure of which church she was physically baptised in. Seeking info so i can visit .


Monday 30th November 2020, 10:39PM

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  • Ballymaguigan is in the parish of Artrea. However the baptism appears in the parish of Ballinderry. So that’s evidently where it took place. (What sometimes happened was that a woman went home to her parents home to give birth, especially for a first born child. So possibly the mother here lived in Ballymaguigan but originated from Ballinderry. After the birth, if RC, she would be eager to get the child baptised very soon. Usually within a few days of the birth. So she would have gone to her “home” church to do that, before going back to her husband in Ballymaguigan.

    I don't know what churches existed in Ballinderry in 1829 but if you contact the parish office they should be able to help:


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 1st December 2020, 01:03AM