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Seeking information on the family of John Grady

I am seeking information on the family of John Grady who was baptised on 23 Jun 1832 in Tulla, Diocese Killaloe. The record is difficult to read. It appears to be that he was the son of Julies (?) Grady and Mary McInerney. The residence appears to perhaps be Scarborough? This John Grady is possibly my great grandfather. He was in the US by 1854 where there is a marriage record. He was a stonecutter by trade. Does anyone have other records of this family? Thank you.








Monday 14th October 2019, 07:19PM

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  • Thank you, Miriam, for your reply. I appreciate your keen eye in deciphering the hard to read script. I think you are correct that the name is Miles. That you found him again on the landholding record confirms it in my mind. From your reply, I am pretty much ruling out this family as not being mine. Miles is not a family name. Of course Mary is in every Irish family, I think. The reason I am ruling it out is there is another John Grady baptised on 6 May 1832. The Parish is Kilfarboy and the Diocese is Killaloe.This John was the son of a Daniel Grady and Helen Lemoon (is this an Irish surname? It does not sound like it to me, but perhaps there were lots of Lemoons in Clare). Am I correct that this is around Milltownmalby? My great grandfather, John Grady, named his first child Daniel Joseph (born in the US in 1855). That would follow Irish naming traditions. Also, I had an aunt named Helen Julia Grady (3rd daughter). If you have any additional information on this Daniel Grady family, I would be most interested.  I have never come across any other John Gradys born in 1832 in Clare, but I realize records are not complete. Again thank you for your reply and for the valuable work you do!!







    Tuesday 15th October 2019, 09:40PM
  • Thank you, Miriam, for your help! I will try the Clare Library site. Interesting that you also think Lemoon is a very unusual name. At some point, I believe I googled the origin of Lemoon and came up with Scandanavia. I have had my DNA done through and I do have a trace of DNA from Scandanavia. Who knows? Again, I so appreciate the work that you and all the other volunteers do!!


    Friday 18th October 2019, 06:31PM