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Seeking my husband's great great grandfather John Leddy (born about 1800) and wife Elizabeth Reilly (born about 1807) marriage  in 1830s. Based on baptisms found John Leddy was from Tullyanog, Drumlane, Cavan.

***Have not found John Leddy's and Elizabeth Reilly's marriage date in 1830's

***Have not found son Daniel Leddy's baptism (estimated 1830-34).  

*** Have not found daughter Catherine Leddy's baptism (estimated 1838? but could be in 1840s) 

***Have not found son John Leddy's baptism (unsure if 1830s or 1840s)

Found baptism of son Terence 1839 Dec. in Tullyanog/Drumlane

Found baptism of daughter Eleanor 1841 May in Tullyanog/Drumlane 

Found on the Catholic Parish Records: Baptism Place:Drumlane, Cavan and Fermanagh, Ireland Parish Variants:Staghall

Please let me know if you find any of the 4 dates above or other places I can search.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Saturday 2nd January 2021, 06:53PM

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  • Hello Mac, from the registers website it appears marriage records for Drumlane RC only commence in January 1837 and baptisms in January 1836, see 

    I see the baptisms you mention on Roots Ireland but also another sibling or at least I think it is, a Thomas Leddy baptised 12tth March 1838, sponsors James Leddy and Mary Smith, parents John & Elizabeth Leddy, why it is interesting is they have included a stab at a townland, Tullicgrogan??  I see a Tullyanog in Drumlane from this site but you may see a better candidate

    This site is civil townlands and religious parishes may not be exact to the civil one.

    There are two Cavan Genealogy Facebook pages apply to join and a Cavan DNA matching page if that appeals, mind you there are a lot of people looking for Reilly but you probably know that.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Friday 8th January 2021, 06:01PM
  • Pat,

    Thank you. I will check out the Cavan pages. I also found one other child of John Leddy & Elizabeth Reilly in Drumlane after I posted. She was Elizabeth Reilly and had to have been born in the 1840s, possibly the youngest child. She turned up as a pensioner whose residence in the 1851 census with her parents was used to verify her age. 

    Have you found a baptism for Elizabeth Leddy of John L. & Elizabeth Reilly?


    Thank you,  


    Saturday 9th January 2021, 05:58PM
  • Macfound this one; Catherine 1837 17th April, Drumlane, parents Edward and Elizabeth Leddy; Drunmacon, Drumlane, hardly correct also see and way out of kilter there is a Philip Leddy born to John and Elizabeth Leddy in Drumlane, Ashgrove, sponsors are Michael & Elanor Leddy, must be related some way.

    There are quite a few Leddy men married to different Elizabeth's around the area but do not see your ones, I have read people say it is sometimes worth reading the registers as transcribers can miss some or there are interesting notes not transcribed but it is a tricky undertaking to randomly read them, patience and good eyes necessary.

    Good Luck



    St Peters Louth

    Monday 11th January 2021, 12:31AM