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Sharpe/Gerin, Munday,Gallagher,Duffy

Francis Sharpe, born in the late 1790s married Grace Munday also born in the same time. I believe lived in Ardara,Laughfad and then Portnoo. Their son Cornelius was my great grandfather who immigrated, in his 20's,to the coal mining regions Carbon County,pA. . He married Hannah Gallagher, in Pa. She was born about 1835-ish in Glenties. Her parents were John Gallagher and Grace Duffy. I believe they were from the Glenties area. I know records were tough back then. I have information in Cornelius  brother,Teague and all his family. And nothing on Munday, Duffy or Gallagher. I don't know if Cornelius, Condy,had any other siblings.Thank you so much. 
I have a tree on ancestry, I've done DNA. And that's only my mother's paternal side haven't even tried her maternal side who are all from Ireland. 
Lisa Ross Strother. 


Friday 24th January 2020, 03:27PM

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  • I am curious where the Gerin fits in after Sharpe/Gerin? That is one (of 10 or 12 spellings!) of my Great,great grandfather Patrick Gearns who emigrated to Port Hope, Ontario, Canada in 1840. He was a butcher and born in 1810. His daughter Margaret was born about 1834. I have not been able to find out exactly where but she married Jeremiah Bradshaw who was baptised in Anacarty and Donohill. Any information on Patrick Gerin/Gerrin/Gearns (on headstone) 1810 - 1898 interests me. Lydia 6 


    Wednesday 29th January 2020, 10:53PM
  • The surname Gerin,was before Sharpe, and dozens of spellings. It's so difficult to go back even to my great grandfather who was born probably 1820. I can't find any records on him. Only brother that I know of and I have DNA is Teague. He was born about 1818 in Donegal Ireland. Have you done ancestry DNA? My treat is public.  Or message me on Facebook Lisa Ross Strother. The only brother that I know of and I have DNA to is Teague. He was born about 1818 in Donegal Ireland. But I would never doubt that there wasn't another brother or sisters that would have gone to Canada. And if you've done ancestry maybe we can try to connect the  dots. Thank you so much for responding. Please keep in touch


    Thursday 30th January 2020, 02:29PM