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Hi there,  I am wondering if there are any members of this parish much familiar with Skerry Graveyard.

My family are the heirs-at-law of the O'Neills of Clanaboy (Lord O'Neill being heir-general), and descended from Con mac Brian O'Neill, younger brother and tanaiste to Shane mac Brian O'Neill. I know that Shane mac Brian and Protestant Charlie were buried at Skerry. Also, I am curious about their father Brian mac Felim O'Neill.

Con mac Brian was killed in 1583, long before Shane mac Brian died languishing in Carrickfergus Prison 1617. His son Hugh Oge O'Neill received a pardon in 1602 from James I (which it would appear his uncle did not) for fighting on the Irish side in the 9 Years War, after which he was compelled to settle at Carlane in the Feeva, where he constructed Feeva House where my family lived into the 19th century. His brother Eoghan settled on the neighbouring townland of Mullaghgane, and is the ancestor of the O'Neill-Lentaignes.

Any info about any O'Neills of Clanaboy buried at Skerry previous to Shane mac Brian O'Neill would be much appreciated. I know Lord O'Neill and about the rest of Shane's descendants (one of whom, Martha, sister of French John O'Neill is buried in our family plot near Carlane at Cranfield) but am curious about anyone previous to that. Hugh Oge and all his descendants were buried at Cranfield until my 4th great granfather Felix Cunningham O'Neill was buried at nearby Cargin Sacred Heart.

Thanks in advance if anyone has any information !



Tuesday 14th July 2020, 07:34PM

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  • I have been to Skerry Old Churchyard a few times. I have attached some photos in case they are of interest. The vast majority of the graves are old, unmarked or with illegible gravestones. Those that are still legible can be found on the Braid graveyard site:

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 14th July 2020, 07:58PM

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  • surrounds. Born in Scotland, Mrs McConnell is proud of her McLeod heritage.  When Shane MacBrian O’Neill needed support, he relied on the McLeods of Mingary, McLeans from Ardmanach, and the McKays from Kintyre.  These Gallowglass/Redshanks were descended, in part, from the Vikings, who inhabited the Outer Isles of Scotland from the 9th century.  To them warring was their income and a way of life.  Their characteristic weapons were a large two-handed sword and a battle-axe

    Could this Shane MacBrian O'Neill be the person mentioned by Maoilchonaire.  Must check this one out.


    Tuesday 8th September 2020, 04:11AM
  • Tyrone (O'Neill) under the colour of a pilgimage to the church of Skerry had instead intended to attack Carrickfergus.  

    Callendar of State Papers 1592-96.


    Saturday 3rd October 2020, 10:57AM