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I have been researching my family tree for several years and my Irish roots are a dead end. My great grandmother was Isabelle (Bella) McDermott born in 1879/1880 in Elphin / Roscommon to a Joseph McDermott (1847-1915) and  mother is maybe Eleanor / Ellen Ward b. 1848). Bella was one of nine children, and it seems at least three or four came to the US between 1895-1900 to live with relatives. Joseph stayed in Ireland and died there.

I cannot find anything more about the family in Ireland, which included the following children (if that is help):

- Michael Joseph (b. 1874)

- Bridget (b. 1875)

- Margaret Teresa (1876)

- Agnes (1878)

- Rosanna (1882) - US, became Sister Aiden

- Cornelius (1884)

- Thomas (1886)

- Peter (1891)

Can anyone help point me the right way?  I have tried Ancestry, Geni, and all that type of resource. 

Thank you,


Linda Crossman

Monday 21st September 2020, 05:06PM

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  • Hi Linda

    Welcome to IrelandXO.

    Its difficult to know from message the Level of research you have done.

    Birth / Census / Marriage detail for the family as follows:

    Birth of Agnes McDermott to Joseph McDermott & Ellen Ward Address “Emlagh”

    Agnes McDermott with her parents in Emlagh in 1901

    Cornelius Marriage 1917 in Elphin

    Will you come back with information you require.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Tuesday 22nd September 2020, 06:16PM
  • Hi Gerard,

    Thank you for the links.  I have birth date, marriage date, etc. for Isabelle (Bella) McDermott (my direct ancestor) and wanted to go further. The most I can find on her parents - Joseph McDermott and Ellenor Ward had been probable names and birthdates.  Thank you for the birth record for her sister Agnes as that confirms mother's maiden name and correct spelling of her first name.  

    What is the best source / route to continue the search for more on Joseph and Ellenor's lineage / families' histories?  

    I use and they seem to be limited in the links out to Ireland-based sources, which I have had a hard time identifying the most reliable and complete to use.

    Thank you,



    Linda Crossman

    Wednesday 23rd September 2020, 08:15PM