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Stacks from Acres, Beal

Hello, I have been researching my Stack family for several years and have made great progress. John Stack baptised 1833 and married Johanna Duane (Dwan) 1856, daughter Bridget born 1856, daughter Hanoria born 1857, daughter Margaret born 1861, son Thomas born 1863 and my gg grndfather, Mary born 1863 (died young), John born 1865, the family immigrated to USA 1868 Castle Garden, Anna born 1870 NY, Sarah born 1872 NY. Some say John and Johanna went back to Ireland and died 1901 and 1911 but not sure. Have been searching for info on their lives in NY with spouses, children etc. Does anyone know of this family? Also, have no idea if John or Johanna had siblings that remained in Ireland. Thank you and be well! 

Friday 24th July 2020, 10:22PM

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  • Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    From the free records on the family moved from Acres to Listowel after the birth of Hanoria since Margaret was born in Listowel.

    I found the family in the 1875 New York State Census and also the 1880 Federal cemsus. They were living in Orange County in New York State. By the way the 1880 census shows that John and Johanna had a grandson Edward Devitt who was five months old. Not sure who is mother was.

    John T. Stack died July 26 1884 and is buried in St. John's Cemetery Goshen New York  It also appears that daughter Hanoria had died at age 23

    Roger McDonnel

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Friday 24th July 2020, 11:00PM
  • Thank you Roger for your help!  I did learn from you that the family moved on to Listowel, so that is a help. The other info I have pieced together. Fascniating that Johanna came to USA in 1868 with 5 small children under the age of 11 with the youngest being 3. It looks like John traveled a few months prior. I live in PA and plan to travel to NY soon to check out some cemeteries. Still trying to find where Johanna is buried. I am grateful for your help. Be well, Karen

    Sunday 26th July 2020, 12:06PM