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My G.G.Grandfather was George Adamson Stanley b1797 to Robert Stanley and Anne Adamson...  He married Annie Fuller/douglas in 1845 in Booterstown, Dublin.  He died in 1872 in 17 Bloomfield Avenue, South Dublin.  I have his complete military record but no birth certificate which I believe should have been with this record.. Can anyone help.

They had one son William Hamilton Stanley born 1847 in 13 Errin Terrace, Rathmines, Dublin..   He married Catherine Anne Cody in Middlesex in 1872 and Catherine Died in London St. Marys Hospital, in 1884.  The family then came to Australia.   Can anyone help me with their Ancestry?   Kathryn Harris

Kathryn Harris

Saturday 31st August 2019, 03:58AM

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  • Registration of births started here in Ireland in 1864, so George's birth is far too early to have a cert, instead a search for a possible baptism would be required. There's a likely match for the marriage on the BMD Index so the marriage either took place in a non-Catholic Church, or possibly in a registry Office (Civil Registration of non-Catholic Marriages started in 1845). Do you have a copy of the cert or a copy of the church marriage ?

    If you dont have a cert you can use the details on the index to order a research copy from the GRO - (let me know if you need the references) Many of the civil BMD registers are available to view on the free IrishGenealogy website, but these do not include these early marriages yet.

    A civil cert or Church of Ireland parish register for the marriage should include some details that could help your search - e.g. occupation of the groom, current residences of the bride and groom, names of their fathers and their occupations, along with names of witnesses - who may be related. The record would also show where the marriage took place, which could help confirm what denomination the couple were..

    Based on the attached notes notes it appears that George may have been baptised in St. Mary's Athlone, luckily baptism and marriage records for the parish are available back to the 1760s. Historic registers for the parish are held by the RCB Library in Co. Dublin, and it based on your note also on film in Athlone, and there is also some coverage of the registers for this parish as transcripts on RootsIreland (pay-website)

    Military records often include a Parish of Birth (usually civil parish) for those signing up which could help narrow the area to check for baptisms. Church of Ireland records are not currently as well represented online as Catholic registers, so finding the appropriate records can be a problem. There is also the issue of survival of records, many Church of Ireland records  were lost in the Civil War.. Based on the latest RCBL list baptism and marriage records for the parish of Booterstown go back to 1824, so unfortunately not far enough to include any details on your George if he was born in this parish.

    p.s. Erin Terrace was a terrace of abt 16 houses on Leinster Road, the terrace appears in directory listings around 1847, and later the houses were incororated into Leinster Road, under the revised numbering system Capt. George Stanley lived at  37 Leinster Road.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 31st August 2019, 12:34PM
  • I am so grateful for your response.   You have given me a lot of homework to do but maybe with your help there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.   I live in Lake Macquarie NSW Australia.   Always thankful.   Kathryn Harris

    Kathryn Harris

    Monday 2nd September 2019, 02:16AM
  • I have a transcribed copy of their marriage certificate but have applied to GRO for another - It stated married in the Church in the Parish of Booterstown, Co. Dublin, 10/4/1845, George Adamson Stanley, Batchelor, Capt. 1/2 pay, from Charlenas(?) Co. Dublin, Father Robert Stanley, Gentleman.  Anne  Douglas/Fuller, Widow, Merrion Avenue, father William RymesDouglas, Gentleman and the witnesses were doctors and not related.  After looking at my previous notes I do believe you are correct that the parish of St..Mary's Athlone,as I have a Robert Stanley there as a vestryman.  I have been through his extensive militiary record and there is no mention of parish/county but has an uncle Henry Adamson, and that his brother Thomas died in the peninsular wars.

    Can you suggest how I can obtain a copy of his baptism from St. Marys Athlone.

    I appreciate your help.   Thank you, Kathryn Harris


    Kathryn Harris

    Wednesday 4th September 2019, 12:56AM
  • Historic Baptism records for St. Mary's Church of Ireland Athlone are held by the RCB Library in Co. Dublin, if you have an exact date they can arrange a transcript or digital image of a record, or request a basic search - see these links on their site : genealogy , buy. For more wide ranging searches you would need to visit to carry out the search, or employ a researcher to carry out the research on your behalf. The Library is currently working on transcribing Church of Ireland registers as part of the Anglican Records Project, so worth keeping an eye on progress of that. Apparently there is also some coverage of the registers for St. Mary's CofI Athlone as transcripts on RootsIreland (pay-website).

    Some of the details of the marriage you mentioned sound very familiar - think I may have looked into this couple before. I'll see if I can locate the previous notes...

    Edited : found some previous research on this family, on RootsChat abt 10 years ago..

    Death Certificate (Cpt. George Adamson Stanley)
    Baptism Record (George Adamson Stanley)


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 5th September 2019, 06:42PM