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My Great great Grandfather, John Crampton, is buried in the St Mullins Church Cemetery, Timolin, County Kildare

Back in 2014 I sought information about the inscription on his headstone but nothing factual was forthcoming.

I am enquiring as to whether there is any one in Ireland XO who undertakes grave cleaning. I would love to know the actual wording on the headstone.

I have attached photos of the headstone and as you will see, the wording is illegible.

I would be willing to contribute to any costs incurred, within reason.

Many thanks,

Lynne Winsloe (nee Crampton)


Monday 30th May 2022, 11:23PM

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    I would consider contacting the local Recor of the parish, if you have not already done so.

    Facebook details on attached.




    Tuesday 31st May 2022, 08:16AM
  • Good morning McCoy,

    Thank you for that suggestion and as a result I have messaged the facebook group and look forward to hearing from them.

    Kind regards

    Lynne Winsloe


    Tuesday 31st May 2022, 11:57PM

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