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Surname Dermott Irish origins help


Hello friends,

I have started the exciting and quite often frustrating research to find out where the jumping off point was in Ireland for my ancestors who ended up in the southern Ontario area of Canada.


William Dermott was born in 1837 in Ireland, no idea of county of origin. His Canadian census of 1891 says he was Methodist/Protestant and I am attempting to get advice on where I should continue my search. I am wondering if it is likely he was a McDermott or MacDermott prior to coming to Canada. Mixed information I have found says he came to Canada in either 1842 or 1851.

Any suggestions would so greatly appreciated as to where I should route my research.   Thank you, James Dermott


Wednesday 18th September 2019, 08:08PM

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  • Hello and welcome. 

    There were some assisted emigration schemes to Canada. Some were settled as a community in an area, others moved where the work took them. 1840s and 1850s were decades of mass emigration. 

    You say your ancestors "ended up in Southern Ontario".  Do you know if they started off somewhere else in Canada? 

    The pages on emigration on Irish GenealogyToolkit  have advice and tips. Select Genealogy tab, then Emigration.

    Forms and spellings of surnames weren't fixed. Mc/Mac might have been dropped or added according to personal preference or circumstance. 

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 18th September 2019, 09:36PM