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Dia duit, 

I am looking for information on my great great Grandma's family who were apparently from the Galway region and went by the surname Tansey. Growing up my Grandma (who was raised by her Irish Nana) told me they were specifically from Glenamaddy but I've struggled finding anything solid to connect them to the town so am wondering if this was merely the place my great great Grandma spent her childhood before emigrating with her family to Lancashire. To cut a long story short, my great great great Grandad moved the family from Ireland to Barrow-in-Furness around the beginning of the 20th century. It is in Barrow that my great great Grandma met my great great Grandad and they moved to Rochdale, where they had my great Grandma, who moved to Preston (along with her parent) and had my Grandma who had my mum and now I'm here, picking up the pieces on the history trail so to speak. 

However, as I've begun researching, it appears she was born on Isle of Man (which was news to us) perhaps whilst her mother and father were working there. Her name, on birth certificate, is Margaret Ann Tasney (although all my research indicates this name is almost always spelt Tansey) to a John Tasney and a Catherine McCool. The latter died in Barrow-in-Furness in 1904 and is buried in a Roman Catholic cemetery so I'm fairly certain they've come from Ireland as opposed to Isle of Man. The little we know about John Tansey is that he was a labourer who helped build rail roads and piers so I'm presuming this is why a few of the Tansey family were born on Isle of Man. I think part of my stumbling block is the spelling of the Tansey/Tasney surname as the former variation is definitely from Connacht region as far as I can see but the latter, Tasney, is far sparser verging on non-existent. 

Any sort of indication on where I should look further would be greatly appreciated as I would like to visit Ireland and maybe even Glenamaddy one day but don't want to be barking up the wrong tree. I can just imagine the reaction a random lad from Lancashire traipsing County Galway would get if I had nothing but a surname and some sketchy family history to assist but then again, everything I know about the Irish fills me with hope that I'd be welcomed. 

Go raibh maith agat







Sunday 13th June 2021, 11:50AM

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  • Harry:

    I need to clarify a few items. Was Margaret Ann Tasney your great-great grandmother? Is John Tansey the name of your great-great-great grandfather and when was he born approximately?

    The surname McCool is not a Galway surname and is more likely found in Co. Donegal or Northern Ireland counties. I think your great-great-great grandfather left Galway and met Catherine McCool. Possibly they met in the Isle of Man. Have you checked the 1901 census in England?

    The Glenamaddy RC church records start in 1838 and when I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland, I did not find a John Tansey record but there were John Tansey records in nearby parishes.

    Let me know.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 13th June 2021, 12:32PM
  • Hello,

    Thanks for getting back to so quickly. Yes, Margaret Tasney is my great-great Grandma making John Tansey my great-great-great Grandfather. 

    As far as I'm aware he was born around 1847 in the Galway area. With regards to Catherine McCool, she was born around 1858 and as mentioned died in 1904. We have no information on what happened to John whereas we do have a picture of Catherine's grave in the family. 

    There were about 10 siblings altogether in the family and they all settled abroad. My side in Lancashire but the rest moved on to United States and New Zealand. Unfortunately we've lost touch with them so any information on where they came from is a bonus for us. 

    Thanks again for your assistance, really appreciate it.







    Sunday 13th June 2021, 03:23PM
  • Harry:

    The closest record to 1847 was a June 16 1842 baptism (born June 12) for a John Tansey with parents John Tansey and Mary Tierney. Sponsors were Michael Tansey and Mary Tansey. Ballymacward  RC parish is where the record was registered.

    Ballymacward parish is twenty miles south of Glenamaddy.

    The closest Catherine McCool record was a Catherine McCool baptized April 11 1857 in the Clonmany RC parish in Co. Donegal. Clonmany would be on the Inishowen peninsula. Parents were Edward McCool and Ann McCarron. Sponsors were Shane Doherty and Hanna McCarron.

    Have you considered a DNA test?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 13th June 2021, 03:55PM
  • Hello Roger,

    This is fantastic, thank you so much for finding these records. 

    Yes, I have been considering one as I have an Ancestry account and have seen them advertised so this will be my next step. But the information you've found will really help in my research and I can't thank you enough. 

    I think the DNA tests take about 6-8 weeks so I will be sure to come back here with the results and any more queries as your knowledge is really invaluable. 

    Thanks again







    Sunday 13th June 2021, 07:16PM
  • Harry:

    Father's Day sale on now.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 13th June 2021, 08:00PM
  • Harry 

    Tansey is a rare Galway name 

    In the East Galway genealogy group we have several members who are Tansey descendants 

    Would invite you to join, share your info and hopefully make a connection


    MartinCurley, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 20th June 2021, 03:13PM