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I am trying to trace a Joesph Taylor that supposedly lived in Faughart possibly born 1840, fathers name Robert. Joesphs marriage cert 1861 states Rob was a farmer. Griffiths val doesnt have them listed. Thanks


Saturday 30th May 2020, 05:40PM

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  • Hi Pauline, there is bad news and some small good news, firstly the Church of Ireland records for the parish were lost for the relevant period, they were apparently held by PRONI (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland) in 1922 and lost. In 1922 we became separate entities and you can see a list of church records here 

    A site here shows Robert was a freeholder in Faughnart in 1842 and entitled to vote, Also on this site it has a list of contributors to a relief fund for the Crimean War and see a Daniel Taylor of Faughart donated, also after name says Annies etc and futher down under others it says Annies and co plus Mr Skeltons servants, no idea what that means.

    I could not see any suitable Taylors in Griffiths even under places, Faughart is a civil parish and a townland, I noticed when searching that some land is In Fee which I think is being sold and some is being bought by the railway company in 1854, I think the railway in the area was probably between 1845 and 1850 so maybe they sold it but then there is the Daniel above.

    Also notice the Taylors in the Louth site have a lot of militarty and see some Taylor listed as a Col in Griffiths, oddly there is no Taylor either in the Tithe Applottments between 1824 and 1838, as C of Ireland I would expect to see them there. They also do not appear to be on the census in 1901 either. I can find no transcript of the local graveyard but that may turn up later. there is an Aughaboy graveyard some where that may be the one but this is from the Registry of Deeds Project where in 1804 there is a Robert Taylor ownng land there, it is near Dundalk but cannot find it on a map just now, it also shouws up as Aughaboys.

    See the spouse was a minor so wondering if she was a servant as no occupation listed, also she did not sign her name yet he would appear to have had money as a farmer at least I think so, could not find a death for Robert psot 1864 when they==re were civil registry requirements. 

    The local archives in Louth may have something but it appears the family left the area. Let me know how if you have any follow up queries.

    Good Luck


    St Peters Louth

    Sunday 31st May 2020, 12:59PM
  • Thank you very much for this response. Explains some mysteries & a little new info for us. 


    Friday 5th June 2020, 02:22PM