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The Taylors of Tullamore and Campbells of County Cavan

Hello everyone 

I'm back again  :-)    in these very troubled times I'm looking for something to keep me occupied while our country and a fair chunk of the world are on lockdown.

I was initially focussed on my husband's family when last here and now I'm wanting to find out more about my own. Here's what I know.

My great great great grandfather Robert Dawson Campbell was born 2nd August 1822 in Rakenny, near Cootehill, County Cavan. Father potentially named Robert also.  I have no details regarding his mother but wondered if the second name Dawson was a clue. Robert married Jane Taylor in September of 1844 in Tullamore. Jane was born in Tullamore April 3rd 1821. They emigrated to New Zealand September 1846 and I have very detailed records once they arrived here. 

Jane's parents were Robert Taylor - born in Tullamore 15 March 1775, and died in Tullamore 26 March 1852 and Ellinor Campbell - born  in Tullamore 28 April 1795, died in Tullamore 21 June 1832 aged 37.

Jane had a sister, Susannah or Susan who married a Richard Hughes from Kilkenny in Durrow in 1853. They had 3 children and then also emigrated to New Zealand. 

Jane had 2 brothers, George Taylor born in Tullamore October 10th 1818 and William Taylor born in Tullamore July 10th 1826.  And it is them and their descendants, if any, that I would be keen to trace.

I'd also be keen on discovering more Campbells because I am one and I trace back in a direct line of Campbell men to Robert.

I've looked through census records and the church and civil records without success, common names and scarce records for the towns and counties concerned it seems.

So, if anyone's at a loose end while shut indoors and can shed any light or point me in new directions that would be much appreciated.

Be well, stay safe

Kind regards 

Carol Lawrence 




Sunday 29th March 2020, 08:16AM