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Thomas and Honora ROCHE/CRONE circa 1811- 1871plus Ellen CRONE and William COUCHE families MALLOW, BRIGOWN MITCHELSTOWN

Honora Roache circa 1813 married Thomas Crone 1811-1871  in 1833 in Doneraile Cloyne Cork and migrated to Melbourne Australia in 1862. Thomas coroners report mostly unreadable indicates he died of natural causes Honora notes she had 6 children with him but cannot find any reports of her death or ascertain  birth date or parents.  She is wrongly recorded as being 10 years younger than Thomas Crone on the Australian immigration records but that would make her only 12 when she married. Both are  noted on the Peerage Pages. Thomas Crone was the son of Richard Crone 1770-1856 and Elizabeth Browning Doneraile Cork also on Peerage Pages but some trees wrongly  attribute Thomas Crone's father as Clutterbuck Crone who was his brother 

However four of Thomas and Honora Crones children were born in Mallow or Buttervant ie. Elizabeth Crone 1834, Ann 1838, Richard 1841 and Margaret 1844 married Richard Couche who liove din Brigown   Mitchelstown I wondered who the other two were also if anyone can help. I also would like to know the parents of Ellen Crone (circa 1812-1877? died 16 Baldwin St Brigown) Mitchelstown who married William Couche  bootmaker in 1837  in Ross Cork I wondered  if  Ellen Crone previously was related to Thomas Crone in any other way  also.She was also the mother of Richard (1838-1902) and William Couche (1845-1913 came to Australia in 1850's??r) and mother in law of Margaret Crone.

I am interested also in finding William Couche's 1811-1849 my ggggrandfather's parents some Couches  who also often bootmakers. I found  many went to Canada but are listed as born in Mitchelstown. The only record I have is of  William Couche and Ellen Crones marriage is their matrriage  in St Finbars Ross Cork in 1837 and their deaths But have found no record of their other children or parents in Ireland. The only record I have and cannot understand or access  is: 

William CoucheSex:MaleMarriage:1837Marriage Place:Diocese of Cork & Ross, County Cork, Ireland Spouse:Ellen Crone  

Reference: Albert Eugene Casey, Eleanor L. Downey-Prince, and Ursula Dietrich.. Index of O'Kief, Coshe Mange, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland. 16 vols. Birmingham, Alabama: Knocknagree Historical Fund, 1952-197

Would appreciate help with finding these illusive ancestors many thanks Jeanne Forbes


Sunday 18th October 2020, 07:50AM