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This Thomas Burgess is the right age, 44 to be the  missing brother of my great-grandfather. Sadly, the death certificate of the time doesn't show place of birth, name of wife, children if any, or a middle name (Alfred). 


There is no-one in the 1901 Census admitting to being born in NZ: But he was a sailor, at least for some years, and may have been at sea. Other records I can access show nothing useful.


Family legend says he "went back to Ireland, married an Irish girl, and died childless."  - Back, as in his mother Winifred Callaghan had been shipped out in 1850 under the Earl Grey scheme. She'd been in the South Dublin workhouse. 


I'd like to confirm that this is him, only 44 and dying of Tuberculosis. - ANY ideas gratefully recieved.


Tuesday 15th September 2020, 12:49AM

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  • I note that the occupation on the 1906 death certificate is Baker, so is this that Thomas's marriage to Mary McLoughlin in 1889:

    His usual address in 1906 was Bride St, Dublin. Searching the 1901 census there were 6 bakers living in Bride St, so possibly there was a large bakery there then. No sign of Thomas or Mary.

    Father Henry is recorded as being a policeman. Does that tie in with your knowledge of the family?

    This looks to be widowed Mary in 1911:

    Note 4 children born and 2 living. Here’s Anne’s birth in 1890, naming Thomas Burgess baker as father: And here's 2 children in 1901 with their grandmother:

    Other children look to be:

    John Joseph Burgess born 14.3.1892 Bray

    Catherine 22.3.1894 Bray, died 29.8.1897 Dublin aged 3

    Mary Josephine born 16.1.1896 Bray, died 28.3.1897 Dublin aged 14 months.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 02:41AM
  • Elwyn - thank you for this.   ! ! !   It's encouraging that the search can go on. But sadly, not my man. I mentioned his Mum, the famine orphan. But his Dad is Master Mariner Richard Plummer Burgess (Cornish); his parents married in Australia . . . His Dad is definitely not a Henry, Policeman.

    I saw Baker, and Bride Street, and didn't manage to get anywhere with them. Certainly a sailor could come ashore and be a baker. 

    Keep well, and I wait with lifted spirits to see if you or other Listers can find anything else. - Migs


    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 06:40AM
  • I had a look at all the Thomas Burgess marriages in Ireland 1880 – 1921. There were only 8. None had a father named Richard. How sure are you that Thomas came to Ireland? Given that his father was English perhaps he went there? I see a marriage for a Thomas Alfred Burgess in Islington, London Jul – Sept 1890, volume 1b page 573. You might want to order a copy of that certificate to see if the information fits. (And there might be others that fit).

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 08:30AM
  • Elwyn - oh, it's endless, isn't? IF someone sees this conversation and confirms this man is theirs, and not mine at all, that would help. 


    Family in New Zealand were in correspondence with Thomas's Irish widow until the 1930s, when his brother here died. (And all the useful letters etc of course go to the dump, so I don't know her name!) But yes, thay could have married elsewhere. An 1890 marriage (Islington) would be a plausible age. Assuming he had no children, there's less likely to be anyone posting stuff about him . . . And again, many thanks! - migs


    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 09:13PM