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Thomas Connolly Born in 1856, Possibly in Clifden: Searching for Info & Relatives

Nearly all of my closest Connolly relatives passed years ago, taking any information with them about our family's link to Ireland. I desperately hope to re-discover my family's Irish heritage.

My maternal great grandfather is Thomas Connolly.
I believe Thomas emigrated from Ireland to the United States between 1868-1872, based on U.S. Census records. I've been unable to locate U.S. naturalization records or conclusive ship's passenger list records of his voyage.

I do not know the names of Thomas' parents, nor do I know if he had any siblings.

I have one document from my maternal grandfather's (Arthur Connolly) military file, that indicates Thomas was from Clifden, Ireland (spelled "Clifton" on this document - perhaps misspelled?). This is the sole clue I have that potentially links Thomas to a specific area in Ireland.

Vital Facts about Thomas Connolly:
Birth:   Dec 22, 1856 possibly born in Clifden, Galway, Ireland (location unconfirmed)
Death: Oct 25, 1945 in Forest Grove, Washington County, Oregon, USA

Vital Facts about Thomas Connolly's Wife in the USA:
Marriage:             Oct 7, 1886 in Atchison County, Kansas, USA
Maiden Name:     May Groendyke
Spouse's Birth:   Jul 10, 1866 possibly in Colorado, USA
Spouse's Death: Jul 1, 1950 in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

Vital Facts about Thomas Connolly's Children in the USA:
Number of Children: 7
Names of Children with birth dates, death dates and locations:
Winifred Connolly           1887 Kansas–1971 Oregon
Arthur Connolly              1893 Oregon–1972 Oregon (my maternal grandfather)
Mary Elizabeth Connolly 1896 Oregon–1975 Washington
Burton Louis Connolly    1900 Oregon–1972 Oregon
Roy Connolly                  1902 Oregon–1979 Washington
Sidney James Connolly  1904 Oregon–1995 California
George Connolly            1906 Oregon–1989 Oregon

Additional Connolly family information can be found on my personal genealogy website:

Thank you for your kind help,


Monday 4th November 2019, 04:07PM

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  • Lorriev

    Monday 4th November 2019, 04:20PM

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  • Hi,

    Regarding Thomas Connolly, Clifden ( Parish Omey) Griffith's Land Valuation taken c1853 records, Andrew, Michael and John Connolly in Clidfen. Andrew is recorded at 77, Market Street and John at 72. Michael is recorded 21 Market Hill Lane. In the Barony of Ballynahinch which covers the parish of Omey, Ballindoon, Moyrus, and Ballynakill there is a record of ten houses/holdings. For the alternative name "Conneely" it numbers c45 for Omey parish alone. The occupations of the occupants is not shown.

    From Petty Sessions records, there is a record of "Andrew Connolly" as a policeman from 1864 to 1883 in Clifden when he retired. His retirement age is given as 53 years. Initially his pension appears to have been paid in Clifden, but later in Ennis and Corofin in County Clare and returning to Clifden in 1905. If "Thomas Connolly" was a son of this Andrew Connolly he may have been born in some other part of Ireland. Policemen (and their wives) were not permitted to serve in the County of their birth.

    Griffith's Valuation can be accessed at:  Free site



    Saturday 25th January 2020, 03:09PM
  • Hello McCoy,

    Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing possible Connolly connections from Griffith's Land Valuation and Petty Sessions records. Although I don't see a way to make a verifiable connection to any of these gentlemen, I'll definitely keep a copy of this new information in my files. Perhaps future information will prove helpful in proving/disproving a connection to these individuals.

    Thank you, also, for mentioning that policemen weren't allowed to serve in the county of their birth. I wasn't aware of this and it's quite interesting!

    All the best to you,



    Sunday 26th January 2020, 11:58PM