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Thomas Hazelton, trying to find information on himself & family

Hello!  I am trying to find out info and/or verify information about my paternal great-grandfather, Thomas Hazelton. And if any remaining family in the area etc.

Here is the information I have gathered thusfar: I have his death certificate he passed away 31 Dec 1944, at that time he was living in his home that my grandmother also living at in Queens, NY (she witnessed and signed so it is verified the correct Thomas). His parents listed as John Hazelton (born abt. 1819?) and Francis "Fanny" McMurray (1832-1911). Thomas's date of birth on the death certificate listed as Oct 6, 1864. However I have 2 other documents with varying dates. 1 is his naturlization to the USA, birthdate is 6 Oct 1867 (not 4).

I have copies of a civil birth record, which lists just last name of a male child, and parents are the same John Hazelton and Fanny McMurray, DOB 28 Aug 1870 in Dungannon (so perhaps a sibling? there were a couple others).

Francis/Fanny McMurray (Armagh) & John Hazelton (Co Tyrone) married 27 Dec 1850, civil registration in Lurgen, marriage in Drumcree. Joh's father listed as Abraham Hazelton; Fanny's father James McMurray.

I cant seem to find much else as far as information or records. I do know there were some Hazeltons living in Ireland as my Aunt had met and also corresponded with some, but not for some years now.

Any information would be so greatly appreciated, thank you so much

Kind regards,

Colleen Campbell


Wednesday 11th September 2019, 06:32PM

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  • Colleen,

    Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church, so the 1850 marriage which took place in Drumcree Church of Ireland tells you that was probably the McMurray family church. They lived in Drumallis at that date.

    John Hazelton lived in Bovean in Co Tyrone.

    The Valuation Revision records (on the PRONI site) show John Hazelton senior on plot 8 in Bovean (a 41 acre farm,). His name remains as owner till 1865. On plot 9 there’s William Hazelton who was replaced by Edward in 1865 and on plot 10 (a 12 acre farm) was John junior who had gone by 1876. Those farms today are down a dead end lane off Bovean Way  BT71, near Moy Kitchens. A few miles east of Dungannon.

    This family still there in 1901:


    Probate abstracts:

    Letters of Administration of the personal estate of John Hazelton late of Bovain County Tyrone Farmer a Bachelor deceased who died 12 August 1873 at same place were granted at Armagh to Eleanor Graham (Wife of George Graham of Annaghbeg (Killyman Moy) in said County Farmer) the Niece of said deceased.

    Probate of the Will of Mary Jane Hazelton late of Bovain County Tyrone Married Woman who died 27 June 1914 granted at Armagh to Barry Megloughlin Solicitor

    The first probate file was lost in the 1922 fire in Dublin. The second still exists and is on the PRONI wills site.

    Looking at the GRONI website, I see the following children to John & Francis, both born at Bovean:

    Eleanor 6.12.1865

    Unknown male 28.8.1870

    No Hazeltons listed at Bovean Way in the current phone book but many people aren’t listed nowadays and also many don’t use landlines anymore so that’s not conclusive. You could write to the local Church of Ireland Rector to see if there are any Hazeltons in his congregation interested in making contact.

    Rev Mark Lennox 

    The Rectory
    85 Dungorman Road
    BT71 6SE
    Co Tyrone


    Wednesday 11th September 2019, 10:06PM
  • Hello Elwyn,


    And wow thank you so much for such a quick response, and for the valuable information!

    I have another question, there is another child, a Margaret Hazelton, I have 1 civil birth record showing DOB 6 Nov 1868, father John Hazelton Mother Frances McMurrey FHL Film # 101180; another baptism record (from rootireland) has a Margaret Hazelton, DOB 7 Sep 1868 baptized 22 Sep 1868, address Bovain, parish Coalisland Tyrone, parents listed as William Hazelton and Mary Jane Richardson... could be cousins born around the same time? I had Margaret listed as a 3rd sibling (to Thomas and Eleanor) for that reason but now confused with 2 Margarets (and I could not find any other records or reference with the name)

    Again I greatly appreciate the assistance!

    When I was last in Ireland this June, I did drive through Tyrone but really had no idea where to go and possibly see where my great grandfather and other ancestors (or living relatives) may have lived... so the information you provided is wonderful I will have to look and see if I might be able to actually visit the exact area during my next visit (next month I cannot wait)

    I will surely take you up on your suggestion to contact the parish; I had written a letter to someone but it came back returned so I dont know if address incorrect (I had gotten it from an elderly aunt who used to correspond with a Hazelton, not sure exactly the relation).

    Kindest Regards,

    Colleen Campbell


    Thursday 12th September 2019, 07:23PM
  • William Hazelton married Mary Jane Richardson on 28.4.1865 at Killyman Church of Ireland. William lived in Bovean and his father was also named William. This looks to be them in the 1901 census:

    They lived next door to the family you are interested in so they are bound to be related. You might need to go back through the Killyman baptism and marriage records to see how.

    I agree that John & Francis also had Margaret 6.11.1868. Her birth wasn’t registered till 1869. There are likely to have been others between their marriage in 1850 and 31.12.1863 but you would need to search parish records (in PRONI in Belfast) to find those. Id expect there to have been an Abraham for example).

    I’d wonder if this might be John’s son:

    Abraham married Annabella McBride on 23.12.1886.


    Thursday 12th September 2019, 10:21PM