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Hi All!

Am trying to find some information on my ancestor Coleman Kane (b. 1868 in Lettermore // d. 1924 in Pittsburgh, PA). His parents were listed as Thomas Keane and Mary Conroy of Ros Muc, but it sounds like there were maybe two couples with the same name? Any way to identify which was which? I've been tracking the Thomas Keane whose parents are listed as Anthony Keane and Ellen Keely, but appreciate any insight or information anyone may have!

Thank you so much!



Thursday 21st May 2020, 01:26AM

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    Hi Maeve,

    Do you have the baptismal certificates for each "Thomas"? They will show the Baptismal Sponsors and how they connect to each family.

    The townlands in which each family resided is important.



    Thursday 21st May 2020, 08:12AM
  • Hi Maeve,

    Roots Ireland has a "Colman Kean" baptised on June 6th 1868. Address given as Garafin. Parents Thomas Kean and Mary Conroy.  Baptismal Sponsors: James Sullivan and Mary Conneely.

    I will check the baptism records for Rosmuck parish to see if there are any siblings.



    Thursday 21st May 2020, 10:33AM
  • Hi Maeve,

    Regarding previous post, Thomas Kean/Keane and Mary Conroy appear to be have been residing in Garafin, parish of Rosmuck.

    Rosmuck parish has a record of "Colman Kean", Garafin baptised on June 6th 1868 page 79.

    He appears to have the following siblings: Bridget 1858, John 1860, Margaret 1863,  Margaret 1865, Barbara 1873, John 1873 (Recorded as Rosmuck), Mary Keane, baptism 7th November1875. Sponsor: Margaret Keely - No 2nd recorded.  Those records are from and show some names are duplicated. This may be as a result of deaths in the family. You can access the Rosmuck parish records at If you downland the pages for years 1858 - 1875 you will be in a position to clarify the origin of "Colman Kean".

    Other Baptismal Sponsors: were - Martin Conroy & Mary Conneely, Patrick Conroy & Mary Conneely, Matthew Conroy & Bridget Riely, Thomas Sullivan & Mary Conneely, Colman Joyce & Mary Conneely, Matthew Toole & Mary Nee.



    Thursday 21st May 2020, 11:26AM
  • Thank you so much McCoy! I really appreciate your informative response, this is very helpful and will get me back on track! :-)






    Thursday 21st May 2020, 08:05PM