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I'm looking for information on my direct descendent, Robert Robinson's family, circa 1798 Castleblaney, Monaghan, Northern Island - 18 Dec 1860, Armagh. His wife was Elizabeth (Bessie) Robinson (Stoops) d. circa 1861 County Armagh. (No evidence to support dates or places). Robert's sons were James Robinson and Thomas Robinson, my Grt Grt grandfather.

Thomas (Thos) Robinson 3 July 1831 - 18 March 1875 and Mary Jane Taylor 6 July 1831 - 23 Nov 1894 married on 23 Sept 1852 at Loughgall, County Armagh. Both their fathers signed their wedding certificate, Robert Robinson, Hosier, and  Robert Taylor, Farmer. The following year Thomas and Mary Jane left Liverpool 2 Feb 1853 bound for Australia as unassisted immigrants. I'm assuming Thomas was also a Hosier with his father. Mary Jane Taylor apparently lived down the road from Thomas in Turcarra. They arrived in Australia with a son born at sea, Robert Till Robinson. 


Sandra Ashlakoff




Saturday 21st March 2020, 06:13AM

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  • Sandra,

    The 1852 marriage certificate is on-line:

    That gives Thomas’s occupation as “miner.” So possibly he wasn’t a hosier like his father.

    You say that both fathers signed the wedding certificate. I don’t see that on the certificate. The 2 witnesses who signed were Samuel Humphrie and Robert Spence. The 2 fathers are named on the certificate but that doesn’t mean they were there, or indeed that they were even alive.

    Robert Taylor’s farm in Turcarra is listed in Griffiths Valuation in 1864. He had plot 10 which was a 17 acre farm. That property today is on the Drumnasoo Rd, near Loughgall. This looks to be the same family in 1901:

    Allen Taylor married Elizabeth Magloughlan on 17.8.1876. According to the marriage certificate, Allen’s father was Robert, so he would appear to be a brother to Mary Jane Taylor who married Thomas Robinson.

    The Valuation Revision records on the PRONI site show the farm passing from Robert Taylor to Ann Taylor (presumably his wife) in 1887, then to Allen in 1890. So presumably Robert died around 1887 and Ann around 1890, though I can’t see deaths that match that in the death records.

    The family was Church of Ireland. Loughgall Church of Ireland’s records start in 1706 so you may be able to trace the Taylor family back using them. There’s a copy in PRONI (though it’s closed at present due to the coronavirus problem).

    I can’t really find anything on the Robinson family. Thomas’s townland was Drumman More at the time of his marriage but I don’t see any Robinsons in Griffiths or the tithes so possibly he was just lodging there. His occupation of miner is unusual in Ireland as it has very few mines. So possibly he had been working in England or Scotland. (Ireland's lack of natural resources eg coal, minerals, oil etc meant that the industrial revolution largely passed it by.  There were hundreds of thousands of new jobs in England & Scotland which both did have those resources and many Irish people went there for work. The lack of industry in Ireland in the 1800s was one of the many reasons people emigrated).

    Robert Robinson, hosier, is listed in Pigot’s Directory for 1824. He was in Market Place, Castleblaney.

    He is not in Slater’s Directory for 1846 so perhaps he had retired by then:

    If you know what denomination the Robinson family was, you could check the church records for Castleblaney for baptisms, marriages and burials. The Church of Ireland records (parish name is Muckno) start in 1810 and they include burials so you might find Robert & his wife’s deaths. Monaghan 1st Presbyterian records start in 1827 and 2nd Presbyterian in 1820. (Presbyterians don’t generally keep burial records). There are copies of all those records in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. Unfortunately it’s closed at present due to the coronavirus problem.




    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 21st March 2020, 01:23PM
  • Elwyn, we have a saying in Australia "your blood is worth bottling"...I have spent so much time on this and you managed to get it altogether in one are my hero. As you have probably gathered I've only been doing genealogy for 12 months. I will work on what you have given me and send a msg when I find out more. Thank you so much. 

    Please take care in these turbulent times


    Sandra Ashlakoff






    Sunday 22nd March 2020, 04:24AM
  • Sandra,

    Glad to help. I wasn’t sure precisely what information you had. Here’s the Taylor family in 1911:

    Allen’s sister Lizzie had died 28.5.1907 at Turcarra. Allen himself seems to have died on 10.8.1923. (His death certificate isn’t on-line free. It’s pay to view on the GRONI website. £2.50 (sterling) if you want to view it.

    Allen & his son Samuel both signed the `ulster Covenant in 1912. If you want to see their signatures they are on this site:

    It tells you a little about their politics (ie anti Home Rule).


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 22nd March 2020, 03:14PM
  • Elwyn, hope you are well in these difficult times. Just a quick notes to say th again. Cheers Sandra Ashlakoff 


    Sunday 17th May 2020, 02:16PM