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Thomas W. Graham

Searching for the birthplace, parents and possible siblings of Thomas W. Graham born between 1801 and 1804 in Ireland. I have not been able to discern which parish he came from only that DNA test shows northern part of Ireland. No Canadian records state where in Ireland he came from. I know he came to Canada sometime before 1825 as that is when he married Ann Powley in Kingston, Frontenac Upper Canada.
Thank you.

Donna Graham-Addis

Monday 19th October 2020, 12:46PM

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  • Donna,

    You can use this site to see where in Ireland the surname was common in the mid 1800s:

    The vast majority of Grahams were in the counties of Ulster, and that’s because most arrived as part of the Plantation of Ireland. Many were moved here in the period 1610 – 1625 from the Scottish Borders because of trouble they had been creating there. (If you are interested in the background read The Border Reivers by Godfrey Watson. Plenty of cattle thieving, feuds and murders).

    Thomas Graham is a very common name. In the 1901 census there were over 300 in Ireland and there would have been just as many in 1801. So without some idea of where the family lived it will be very difficult to trace your particular ancestor.






    Monday 19th October 2020, 05:35PM