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Cemeteries in Templepatrick

20-Jul-19 21:25
Ireland XO Community, Templepatrick (Antrim) 2 David,
by Elwyn 20-Jul-19 21:47

Patrick Courtney and Hanna Kearns

20-Jul-19 16:01
Ireland XO Community, Galway 3 Thank you Miriam. I will check out
by Pat Mone 20-Jul-19 19:56


20-Jul-19 13:47
Ireland XO Community, Down, Holywood (Down) 2 Julie,
by Elwyn 20-Jul-19 15:42

Dennis Grady & Ellen Burke Origins

20-Jul-19 11:15
Ireland XO Community 2 see reply on Grady / Burke Place of
by shanew147 20-Jul-19 11:33

Grady / Burke Place of Origin

20-Jul-19 10:55
Ireland XO Community, Cork, Kilkenny, Ballydeloughy (Cork), Glanworth (Cork) 2 shanew147,
by Pat Mone 20-Jul-19 11:43

O'Hallorans and McInerney - Cloonagowan Sraheen

20-Jul-19 3:31
Ireland XO Community, Clare 1


19-Jul-19 22:20
Ireland XO Community 2 P Chaplin:
by Castlemore Roscommon 20-Jul-19 13:13

Archibald BIlling

19-Jul-19 21:52
Ireland XO Community, Rathangan (Kildare) 3 I found a newspaper article which
by shanew147 20-Jul-19 13:43

Clancy family ballyshannon

19-Jul-19 17:38
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 6 You are curious as to why your
by Elwyn 20-Jul-19 13:20

John Cannady 1740 - 1820 Donegal County

19-Jul-19 14:36
Ireland XO Community, Donegal 2 Debbie:
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Jul-19 16:07