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Hello! I'm having trouble finding any information about my 5 times great grandfather from Dublin. He came to Auburn, NY at some time between his birth and 1842 when he married Alice McCabe (also from Ireland). Any advice as to find out more about his family would be greatly appreciated 


Tuesday 29th March 2022, 01:12AM

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  • Do you have any clues as to an approximate year of birth for your Timothy ?

    I presume it would be 1820s or earlier if he married in 1842..

    There are a couple of difficulties with getting started on this search unfortunately :

    1. 'Dublin' can mean the city suburbs or county, so quite a few parishes.. and several denomination e.g. Catholic, Church of Ireland etc

    2. 1820s is quite early for Irish records - not all parishes have records back that far, particularly rural Catholic parishes

    3. without a more precise location and/or some family details it will be difficult to confirm or rule out any potential matches.

    4.  The surname 'Roane' is probably a spelling variant - possibly of Ruane or Roan, Rowan etc

    A quick check of Catholic records for Dublin city and county for possible baptisms of a Timothy Ruane/Roane or similar 1825 +-20 years is not showing any promising matches. A search of the surviving Church of Ireland records for Dublin city is showing a few early records with the spelling as Roane - but nothing promising that I have located for your Timothy.

    Have you any additional details on family or parents for Timothy ? e.g. parents are sometimes mentioned on death certs, and death notice/obit may mention siblings etc

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 31st March 2022, 02:03PM
  • I now see that I missed the year in your subject line - the searches I tried would have covered 1815

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 1st April 2022, 01:47PM
  • Yes he was born in 1815. According to relatives his family owned a large department store in Dublin. It is uncertain if his marriage took place in Ireland or in Auburn,NY but his wife was Mary Flemming was born 1816 in County Clare or County Cork.  This is all we have to go on based on oral history and US census records. I appreciate all of your time and I understand the difficulty finding information from this time frame. I am more hoping that someone on this site may have a personal connection to these names and might know something since it is very doubtful to locate records. Tracey


    Saturday 2nd April 2022, 01:05PM