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Can anyone find a marriage of John tipping to Charlotte croan I think it would have been in moy parish but not 100 percent as to date it may be around 1821 but not sure of that either only thing that's definitely correct is the names thank you in advance   Daniel 

Sunday 18th October 2020, 04:54PM

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  • Though most RC marriage records are on-line, comparatively few records for other denominations are.  It would be helpful to know what denomination you think the couple were. Tradition was to marry in the brides church so if she was of a different denomination to her husband that’s where it’s most likely to have taken place.

    Moy is in Clonfeacle parish. The early Church of Ireland records were all lost in the 1922 fire in Dublin. RC records start in 1814 and are on-line on the nli site.

    None of the Clonfeacle Presbyterian records start before the 1830s.

    Without knowing the parish or denomination it may be difficult to find this marriage. Any additional information you may have would be helpful





    Sunday 18th October 2020, 06:44PM
  • Hi elwyn unfortunately I think they were church of Ireland and not roman catholics so it looks like I'm pretty much out of luck

    Monday 19th October 2020, 04:18PM
  • I found the marriage it was 1824 in armagh

    Tuesday 20th October 2020, 10:24PM
  • That’s good. I looked in Griffiths Valuation (1854) but did not see any Tipping on Croan households in the parish of Armagh. There were 11 Tippings in various parishes but only 1 Croan in the county, in Tartaraghan. So not a common surname.

    No Croans in the county in the 1901 census. 28 Tipping, all RC save for 1 family who were Church of Ireland and lived in Ballintaggart near Richhill.




    Wednesday 21st October 2020, 04:16PM
  • Hmm the croan/tipping marriage was on family search and it just says armagh 1824 maybe that croan family you found was the correct one from tartaraghan

    Thursday 22nd October 2020, 10:19PM
  • Hi can anyone find me 2 deaths please one is James tipping born 1826 died some time after 1901 as he's on that census but not 1911 and Sarah tipping born 1837 his wife they are both  in 1901 census in tully roan in armagh and both are church of ireland any info would be much appreciated I don't think they had any children

    Sunday 20th December 2020, 09:19AM
  • Elwyn

    Monday 21st December 2020, 08:28AM
  • Once again elwyn i am in your debt many many thanks and have a good xmas such as it is one day im going to visit derryscollop if it still exists

    Tuesday 22nd December 2020, 10:07AM
  • Yes Derryscollop still exists. The modern Derryscollop Rd & Canary Rd run through it. In 1911 there were 38 houses there and a population of 115.


    Wednesday 23rd December 2020, 11:37AM