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Tobin Researchers seeking info on Michael Tobin

Good day:)

I'm on a number of Boards in southern Ireland. Kilkenny,Waterford,Tipperary,Cork.

I've hit a brick wall with my gggrandfather Michael Tobin born ca 1836 in Ireland, but despite extensive online searching STILL do not have positive ID on his birth place , parish etc.

Michael's wife is given as Mary Ellen Callaghan but records in US at this time are either missing online, or my search techniques somehow miss them:(

All I truly know is that he has one son James Buchanan Tobin born in August of 1862, who grew up in the Yorkville section on the upper east side of Manhattan.In the 1870 US Census I found a James Tobin age 8 livig with an uncle Tim O'Sullivan in Brroklyn. He's also in the 1875 NY Census with the same family if I recall properly.

From James B Tobin who married Catherine Kelly in 1885 I have lots of info.

I don't see Michael or his mother mentioned in articles on family weddings, birth notices etc, and can't find any definite siblings, which is most strange for an Irish family:) Love to hear from those searching Tobin kin in Ireland and New York in the 19th century. Slainte. Frank T













Tuesday 30th June 2020, 11:32AM